Saturday, August 26, 2017

And that's a wrap.

I love taking beautiful pictures of people, of places, of things...

 I have, sadly, decided it's too stressful to continue taking pictures professionally.

So I have started saying "no, I'm sorry, I can't."

My last Senior, besides Katie, is Lady Cranley's daughter.
(She is Lady Cranley because Patrick can NOT remember her name.)
I took Lady Cranely's son's pictures a few years ago and she was so easy to work with...
easy going and appreciative...
and her daughter is a I said yes...but I knew this would be the last one.

Here are a few pictures of Julianna....
and following are some pictures I shot of Katie in Chicago.

What a lovely girl.  Doesn't she look like she is from a different time?

people coming

Katie likes the sideways backpack shots.  I do too.
The last picture is one of my faves.
We almost forgot the lions in front of the Art Institute in Chicago....
When I  remembered it was 1:00.
The worst time to take pictures.
But I like the pictures despite the huge blown out areas.

We may take a few more in other locations...or not.

Her pictures are due in a few weeks for the yearbook.


Hey not fini.

When I first signed up for professional printing I had to check the kinds of pictures I would be taking.

I checked children, families, head shots,
and there was a box for Seniors...
and I thought, well....I'll be happy to take pictures of old people.

So I checked that box too.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


  1. I love you, my friend. That is all.

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Oh Donna, those pictures are lovely. The third one of Julianna with the back light is just breathtaking and I love the one of Katie with her glasses on and also the last one. So wonderful. And what a wonderful age to be. You captured that moment in time so well for both of them. What a talent you have. I understand the stress, but, wow, it seems like you shouldn't quit.

    Debbie Z.

  3. i'm just a few years ahead of you, miss. i get it. my right shoulder and both hands thank me for rethinking it all too. here's to you and your next checked boxes. : )

  4. I would love to see you take photos of the other brand of Seniors :) Julianna is lovely and soft. As you said,she could be from another era. Katie is vibrant and electric. She radiates joy.
    Can I commiserate a minute? I agreed to take the photos of homeschool graduation this year after a 2 year break. I just. can't. anymore.

    1. It is so hard to say no. You are too sweet ;o)

  5. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Every picture is perfection. Karen F.

  6. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Dear Donna, Your talent is a blessed gift and I predict will continue to be a blessing to others and yourself. What joy to be able to take pictures for Katie! I agree with Anita, she "radiates joy" and you capture it completely. My hubby and I are on vacation out of state, but our hearts are in TX with those facing the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey.
    Love and prayers for all, jep

  7. Over the months I've wondered, "where's Donna's photography?" because I admire it so. And while you didn't ask for reader opinion, I'll say that you DO have a lovely eye, a gift for people, color, surroundings and your work will undoubtedly be missed by many. I know I miss it! Love it, mean it! And if you ever think of coming back to it, I pray you do not hesitate! Best wishes in all you pursue.

  8. It has been lovely watching Katie grow up on your blog. Your photography is always so beautiful and so inspiring. But, you have to do what makes you happy! Have fun whatever boxes you check next.

  9. You always make me smile. Love these beautiful images of your Katie and your friend's daughter. Smashing.

    Our school doesn't have an option of submitting photos so Kaish and Bria will have to have them done at school. They have missed the first 2 sessions so they absolutely have to get them done in 2 weeks when they are done. I can't wait to see them.

    I am praying for you this school year. I hope it is wonderful. Sending love.

  10. I am so comforted that I am not the only one saying 'no'. After years of stressful professional photography, I am turning down assignments now as well. I will always love capturing 'those moments' when the stars align but now it will be as I want, when I want. Bravo for your courage! There should be an association of retired photographers where we can all meet and support one another!


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