Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Especially cute.

Katie and I went to the farmer's market on the Capital Square.  It's a good one.
At each of the four corners are gardens.  Three are flowers gardens,  one is a vegetable garden.
The veggie garden is always my favorite.  This year they planted sunflowers.  
Especially cute!

Katie had a hankering for Stella's Spicy Cheese Bread.
People love this stuff.  It has hot pepper flakes on it and in it...and I can't eat it cause I have this weird thing with my tongue.  
But this was a yummy batch.  Lots of mozzarella cheese.  I picked at the cheesy parts.
And died when I got a spicy seed by accident.

The Blue Angels were in Chicago for the Air and Water Show on the weekend we went down to visit Emma.  Look how good she looks!  Emma loves the Blue Angels as much as I do.  
We went to Montrose Harbor to watch them on Saturday.  It was fun...but the jets were pretty far away.  We prefer them RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!
Sunday we were taking pictures downtown and left near the time the Raptor would fly...and not too far off from the Blue Angels show.  So I decided we had to stalk them.
We ate at Shake Shack on Michigan Ave and Emma remembered there was a bar with a view upstairs.  It's called Cindy's.  We marched right up there to see what we could see.  While the view of the park was wonderful....we only saw the Raptor once.  We were just a little bit too far south.
We left and I was determined to see the Blue Angels close up.  So we drove down the little road just behind the Lincoln Park Zoo.  It was a SLOW drive and we missed a great parking spot by five seconds....BUT we stopped and parked in a no parking spot and put the flashers on just in time for the show.  The jets flew overhead low and loud a few times before we were told to move!  But that was okay.  We headed to find some ice cream for Katie and had a great thrill as two jets flew right over us!!!  WOOHOO!!!

I love this picture.

Encourage one another,


  1. Even the flyovers before fireworks get me excited. The Blue Angels right overhead would have me yelling and jumping and looking really silly. And your girls are and always have been so cute, in a beautiful sort of way.

  2. Anita! I scream and give high fives!!!im about the wildest one there.

  3. Love the Blue Angels! They buzzed over Wrigley Field during Friday's game and it was so exciting. Deafening, but so, so cool! :)

  4. You were determined and you made it happen! Good for you! Your girls are beautiful!

  5. Amy J in WI2:05 PM

    Love the Blue Angels! Way to persevere to get to see them! Are you headed back to school next week?

    1. Hi Amy,
      I have not found an EA or SEA job in Verona. I am still on the books as a support staff sub....and in fact have been called in for work on FRIDAY. First day back! I will get to see all the kiddos and teachers. :o) Happy day!


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