Monday, March 28, 2022

Beautiful Graceful Catherine

Lovely, lovely Catherine.  

I collected a dozen dresses from the oscars last night but i'm so disgusted by that farce that I would rather highlight someone who is serving others and looking amazing while doing it.  

Also.  I think you would like the movie Coda.  It was only on Apple TV which I know very few people have, but it is a story of a hearing girl in a deaf family.  

March is almost over and the robins have returned to Wisconsin.  Fresh seeds in the feeder for the birdies.

Love and prayers.




  1. I've heard such good things about Coda. I keep meaning to ask my daughter in law if she's seen it. Also, Kate Middleton is the walking description of class and grace. (Funny story—my youngest went to an Oscar party last night. And everyone hung out in the kitchen and talked and no one watched the show)

  2. Good choice, Donna. Kate is lovely.


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