Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I got nothin'

The men of the family are out there workin'.

Emma is servin'.

Katie and I are playing Go Fish.


I am reading a book called Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson. I'll share more about it as I get into it a bit further.

"Selfishness is an internal, spiritual issue, one that needs true biblical discipline, not simply isolated acts of punishment. The concern is not "How can I stop my child's selfish behavior?" but "How can I change the selfish attitude that causes my child's selfish behavior?"


"Parents can almost always exercise enough power over younger children to gain control over a behavioral problem. But what happens when the parents aren't around to monitor and control the child's wrong behavior? If the root cause hasn't been addressed, then the behavior will continue. If the child develops no internal controls, then external parental controls will have no long-range effect. The real solution is found at the heart level."

The heart...

How to keep your child's heart? This seems to be a popular topic among speakers and authors of late.

I'm listening.


If you were a movie star, what would you name your child?

Gwenyth Paltrow and her Cold Play husband just named their little baby girl, Apple.
Courtney Cox and David Arquette just named their little baby girl, Coco.

Were I in the limelight, would I name my children strange names?

Is there a book, Baby Names:The Hollywood Edition by Moon Unit Zappa?

For a brief, adrenalin filled moment, I thought it might be funny to name our Matthew,
Andy Griffith Boucher. And as I watched the end of To Kill A Mockingbird before heading off the give birth to Emma...the names Scout, Jem and Atticus danced in my head.

But, no, duller, simpler, Midwestern minds prevailed.

I could never get anything past my husband anyway.

Perhaps in Hollywood neither spouse has the sense to shout,
"Are you kidding?"

"Yah man...that's cool...

Without my hubby's censoring we just might have a Daisy and a Marshall and a Lucy and a Scout and a Scarlet.

What a dress!!!

Encourage one another and Go Fish,

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