Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Still at it.

Looks like I over estimated my speed in sewing :o)

I have three of the four panels done for Katie's curtains.

I need to buy more lining fabric for the kitchen curtains and curtain rods.
My goal for today is to finish Katie's curtains and put them up.
We shall see.

The flouncey dress fabric is called Fairydust and Flowers by Dena and Friends for In the Beginning fabrics.

If you are not a quilter and have never been in a quilting shoppe, just stop in and browse at a local store. There is so much variety. The quality is excellent and it is a feast for the eyes.
Even if I don't buy anything, a trip to the Quilting store is like a trip to a museum for me :o)


Since it is going to be Eighty-three degrees today I promised to take Katie to the pool this afternoon. Our first trip to the pool this summer. Wisconsin is one wacky-cold state!


Amy, aka Dr. Hottie Bikini at Good Soil Academy, has resumed writing her blog! Hooray! Amy is a lovely, positive mother and wife...go visit her and say 'Welcome back!'

Encourage one another,

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