Tuesday, April 05, 2005


My handy dandy felted clutch felted all wrong.
I don't know if I left it in the washer too long. (I gave Katie a bath and forgot about it)
I don't know if I knitted it with the wrong number of rows. (It did not look like this before the hot water)
I do know that it was very difficult to knit. (Not difficult to understand, difficult to maneuver)

So a lesson has been learned.

Don't forget your felting projects when they are in the washer.

Do go outside for a long walk and visit to a neighborhood park when it is 70* in April in Wisconsin!

Katie and I had a wonderful time at the park!

She is now able to swing entirely on her own! Woo Hoo!
No more pushes to get started.

And she discovered how fun it is to spin on a merry-go-round.

After a while she would float from one position to another as she spun around and around.

Then I taught her how to push it herself and jump on.
Pretty cool.

Not one mention of dizziness.

Ah youth!


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