Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I have been knitting buttonhole bags :o)

They are drying on the kitchen table.

I used Lamb's Pride yarn this time and it was really a pleasure to knit with.

(And I learned in Words Fail Me by Patricia T. O'Conner that it is alright to end a sentence with .... a preposition. I am relieved and will stop worrying about that issue now! I am from the Mid-west, ya know!)

The buttonhole in the front with go over to Sweet Pea Knits and the little one in the back will stay here with us.

It is irregular.

I ran out of yarn and had to use a tiny bit of green in the blue handle. So it is not sale worthy. Emma likes the colors so perhaps she will tote that one around for a while.

I am learning to felt by trial and error. This time I did not have any fuzz mishaps, but I put too many things in the washer and had to go digging for the purses every five minutes. And I mean digging through very hot water.

I finally took all of Katie's whites out of the washer (soaked and dripping) and plopped them in a basket...in the nearby sink...so I could keep a better eye one the bags.

It's like I have to do everything wrong before I come up with the right way to felt.

So if you are going to felt something...don't use jeans with a tear, it creates fuzz.
Don't use a towel, more fuzz.
Don't fill the tub with little clothes.
Don't forget you are felting, extreme shrinkage.

I can't imagine what will happen next. Perhaps I will get it just right.
I can only hope!

And in the meantime, Katie decided to give herself a makeover.
She wants to be like her big sister.

I think I will be doing the makeovers from now on!

Funny times.

Encourage one another,

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