Friday, November 19, 2010

Emma came home.....


It's gonna be a very short visit...but that's okay.

She is at that really hard part of college where she has work and classes and internships and PCM's and volunteering and papers and tests.

She is tired.
Remember how hard college could be?

The real world is going to seem like a vacation after graduation!

I am encouraging Emma to rest. To remember the Sabbath.

I am encouraging her to NOT think so darn much.

How can this girl be my child?


I was looking for some images from the depths of my computer files and here are some really peaceful images....

Enjoy them.

Don't think about them too much.

Just look.


Close your eyes....


Listen to the quiet....

~E. N. Jones

Thank God that, even He rested.

It is good.

Encourage one another,

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