Monday, November 29, 2010

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Happy Cyber Monday from the staff at Donna Boucher Photography....

aka me.


We had a great time in Missouri for Thanksgiving. Cindy was just the best hostess. She is loving and thoughtful and energetic and a super fun girl!!! We really all love being with her! It was great to spend time with her boys! They are kind and sweet and really cute ;o)

Today I will share the first part of our Thanksgiving day with you.


The Thanksgiving Turkey Trax. BoCoMo. (Boone county, Columbia, Missouri)

When I invited myself down to celebrate Thanksgiving at Cindy's I realized she would probably be walking in a 5K of some sort.
And I thought it would be really fun to join her. My whole family said, YES, they would walk with we registered and were all geared up to go.

It was in the high 20's and windy when we started the walk.


Emma ran with Cindy's friend Carrie. They took off with the crowd.


And within 3 minutes.... we were at the very end.

I was walking as fast as I could.

Cindy being the kind encouraging soul that she is held back with me.
I was so embarrassed and felt very awful that I was making our little group be at the very back.
Everyone passed us by. And I mean everyone.

At mile one I wanted to quit. The emotional pain was as bad as the physical pain.
I don't know what kept me going...but I did.

Everyone else was freezing.

I was steaming up and even took off my mittens! The wind on my beet red face was refreshing to me.

At about mile two I begged Cindy to talk about things. I love to walk and talk...
(My hubby is not a talker.) So she started telling me a few stories and the next two miles went by much better.

I stopped obsessing about being last and being slow and overweight....and climbed hill after hill with Cindy talking and Patrick encouraging me and Katie dashing to and fro in her happy Turkey hat.

As we entered the track I was able to hand my camera to Emma (Who had been waiting for 30 minutes.)so she could record the big finish!!!





Love you Cindy! You have a beautiful heart.
Thanks for hanging back.


Walking as fast as I could....

We all finished.

I'm glad I did not quit.

My time.

58 minutes.


Synonyms for Encourage:
bear up, buck up, buoy, cheer, chirk, embolden, hearten, inspire, inspirit, steel.

Those sound just right....

Thank you Patrick, Katie, Emma and Cindy for inspiring me and helping me to buck up.

Encourage one another,

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