Monday, November 22, 2010

A ride with Piglet and Pooh.

The ride to school is actually the most fun I have all day.

Katie and I chat and laugh and sing and discuss the daily questions the radio hosts pose.

She encourages me to call in. I am usually too chicken, but I did get thru a few weeks ago and gave my opinion.
It was scary.

Anyway this morning we heard the most absurd commercial that made us laugh for two minutes.
We repeated the line over and over to one another.

‎"It's the kind of soda nature would drink, if nature drank soda!"
~sierra mist with cranberry

Then I started over analyzing the whole idea.

"First of all soda is not natural." I said. "Nature would drink water."

"Nature does drink water!" I declared, because I am so smart.

Katie perks up and says that water is a flow resource. It is not renewable.

So right Katie girl.

Then I start to think about renewable resources.

And one is not coming to me....

think. think. think.

"Oh! Like cake batter." I say.

" Like paper." says Katie.

"AH!! Trees! Something that grows and we use and then we plant and grow again!" I figure.

And Katie looks at me and says, "Cake Batter?"

And then we laugh about this all the way to school.


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