Friday, November 05, 2010

Go thou and maketh a calendar!

Really cute calendar designs at


A parade of self striping yarn thru the years:

Self striping yarn is made to stripe all by itself. You do not have to cut and join the new colors.
It's my most favorite kind of yarn to knit with.



Can you believe we can NOT find these socks!!!?

Julia Vesper @ Knitterly Things hand dyes these wonderful yarns.
They are hard to get as she is a one woman shop and they sell out in just two or three hours.
Really. I don't even want to tell you about her.

So forget what I just said.



Here is a little stocking ornament I made with a bit of self-striping yarn.

don't judge me :o)

This is Noro Kureyon.

felt bag

This is the first picture I ever put on my blog. Seven years ago.

I don't think I took it, but I made this felted bag with this exact yarn. I didn't even have a digital camera yet!


More Noro.

I love Noro.

You can find it anywhere. It is perfect for hats and mittens.


These look super complicated don't they? They are not. Some genius figured out how to die the yarn so it just goes like this all by itself.


Love these super fun colors.


No. Cindy.

These are not my legs.


My favorite mittens I ever knit.

This yarn is from Sunshine yarns. She does not make the stripes so much any more.

I hope I have not lost these mittens.
It is very easy to lose your mittens.


Lest you think I have always know what I was is the proof.

My first attempt to knit socks was within the last seven years. I know because I was blogging and I remember showing my big Frankenstein sock.

Yes. That big sock was my first attempt.

Holy cow! I got off to a rough start but I kept at it.
Now I love to knit socks now. They are the perfect little project.


Wishing you a great end to your week.

The heat it running.
The crows are cawing.
I have a few sips of my Chai left.

It's a good life.

Encourage one another,

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