Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking thru the Archives

Once upon a time,
Matthew was a little tiny boy.

I called him happy.
Because he always was.


Katie and Melinda thought Matthew was wearing a dress.

I knew better.

He was stylin' in his French bubble by Cacheral.

In the northwoods of Wisconsin worked this most wonderful photographer named Audrey Perkins.
I thought she was just the best.
I still do.

On Monday, I ran upstairs and dug thru a box that had a few of the boys things still tucked inside.
Old cloth diapers, biobottoms, handknit sweaters....and the pretty striped bubble from Paris.

mon petit-fils heureux belle




How fun is that?

Thank you for baby wrangling, Emma.
(She was under the quilt helping Asher sit up :o) )


Did you save any baby clothes?
Do you have something you wore?

Encourage one another,

(Originally posted December 30, 2010)