Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Been There. Done That.

If you click thru to my Pinterest and then click on the picture it will take you to the recipe.
I made this yesterday.  I used twice the liquid ingredients because I wanted more juice.
Actually it could be made with only one pound of chicken and that would have been fine and dandy.

It was tasty and tender.  I wished I had some broccoli in there or had some green onions to place on top.
And a lime.  A lime would have been very nice.

So, to the recipe, I recommend adding those three ingredients to make this even better.

Mine was not this nice orange color either.  It was much darker.  I don't know why.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I finished this book last night.
This doctor of the brain believes he went to another dimension.  Heaven.
He details all of the medical reasons why his experience was not just a dream.
I skimmed those parts.

He did not meet Jesus or any other people from his life.
He mostly described how he felt while being there and the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love he felt.

Personally, I like to hear stories about death bed visions.

The ladies at the Bible study I attend tell of a little boy who was dying of cancer.
Someone said something about seeing Jesus soon and the little boy said, "he is here right now, sitting on my bed."

Those stories.  I like to hear those.

Jesus says there is a heaven.  It was an important thing for him to tell us.
So I believe it to be true.

Dr. Alexander doesn't really prove there is a heaven to me but it sure was neat to read what he experienced.

It's interesting to contemplate.


Emma says there are talking animals in Revelations.

This has me slightly freaked out.
I have an aversion to talking animals in books.

Except for Babe.

Just dance and I'm yours.

Encourage one another,