Monday, November 26, 2012


This weekend, on Saturday, Katie and I attended a baby shower for my niece.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby around Christmas.  Three of Bridget's aunts gave her a shower at a neat little restaurant in the Milwaukee area.  Aunt Karen brought a very special dessert with her from Green Bay.

Special treats from Green Bay.

We had a fun guessing game on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend.
What were these cute pastries called?

No one knew.  Not even Stephanie.  Green Bay born and raised Steph.

Finally my niece Lindsay came up with it.  She said her Papa loved the kneecaps at the Diamond Inn in Hazelhurst Wi.  ( should know this!)

Yes. Kneecaps.

The very strangest name ever for a pastry I have ever heard.

You can buy Kneecaps at Willow Street Bakery on University St. in Green Bay.
They usually have white whipped cream but these were special for the shower.

Willow Street Bakery