Friday, November 16, 2012

Flash Back Friday

Flashback Friday. Sunglasses.

The glasses.  Ray Ban's.  The 80's.

I do not wear these anymore...but maybe I should.

And my's heading toward the 80's here too.  My one and only adult perm was a while before Emma was born.  But it stuck.  It was a spiral perm.  My hair was long and held on to that perm like a life raft.  Of course, the day after I got it I noticed that every high school girl had a perm.  And then I didn't want it any more.  But I was stuck with it.  You would not believe it.
Holy head of hair, batman!

But back to the glasses.
So big.  So eighty's.

My mom and dad wore sunglasses.

I can see my dad in his aviators and my mom is a big white pair.
My sisters rock the sunglasses too.

I am just playing copycat.

Desperate to be cool,

Do you wear sunglasses?
Post a picture of yourself in your glasses and send me the link!
I'd love to see you looking super cool like me.