Monday, April 30, 2012

Unusual signage.


It was, after all, a Catholic Schools track meet.

No prayer was said to start the meet, but Jesus was there in hearts and on hurdles.

New shoes for Katie girl.

Katie got some new running shoes.
For the last month she has been wearing broken down Converse.  She never complained, but numerous times I said she should really get some running shoes.  Well...between Katie and was not remembered until 8:30 on Saturday night.   My husband, the shoe buyer in the family, looked up the mall hours and he and Katie ran to the store to buy shoes.

Katie was happy to have them.
She can be seen from the moon.

She jumped well.
She hurdled and got tangled up on #2.
She ran the 200 and came in third in her heat.

It was an experience.
Next time she can build on this one.

The baseball roster was published last night at 10:00.
Katie is on a team with a friend from softball and drama and there are three coaches.
So happy about that!!

She has new baseball shoes too.

The girl is ready to go. go. go.

I continue in my role as cheerleader.


Encourage one another,