Monday, April 23, 2012

Headshots of my girls.



favorite ball


Cute face Ginny!


This is a reuben pizza.


It was pretty tasty, but I think it would be perfect if the corn beef was sliced and not those chunks.

My favorite pizza ever is from Brother's Three in Marinette.
It was called bacon cheeseburger.
It had dill pickles on it.

I think I am drooling.

Katie had baseball tryouts over the weekend. Her daddy took her.
We sure hope she gets on a nice team this year. A team with a coach.
But I am taking myself out of it, as best I can, so I don't get too over emotional about it all.
Last year was very frustrating for me.

Do you watch The Amazing Race?
Do you think they are obligated to list the legs of the race that will have a non-elimination before hand?
We think it is fishy.

We love the guys who got to stick around (Bopper and Mark) and hope they do well...
but it just seemed....fishy.

The couple from Madison is kicking butt. We are super excited about that.


Emma just called. She is coming home today for a quick trip with Sher.


Encourage one another,

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