Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stage right

Backstage. Katie has a play today. It's Suessical.
She is in the chorus so we don't have a lot of nerves around here today.

The most nervous one is me...I am child wrangling and costume changing in 4:00 performance. Stage Right.

Wish us well. :o)


Who can tell what this is?

Back seat with Katie

Here is my self portrait from the week. Can you see me?

BTW, yes our mom was in the back row, left side.

Patrick Sr. wants us to know....

You can't have almonds, pumpkins or apples without bees.
Blueberries too.


Happy Weekend!!!

A life without bees...doesn't sound so bad...unless of course you like fruit and veggies and nuts.....

Encourage one another....
Bee kind.


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