Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In which we watch Terms of Endearment and Katie gets a bloody nose.

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Thursday night Emma and I were talking about how sad Steel Magnolias is and I interjected, not as sad as Terms of Endearment.
Emma said she had never seen Terms? How can that be? Classic. Beautiful. Funny. True. Debra Winger as Emma. The earthy, gentle, real Emma.

Much like my own Emma, I think.
I don't remember wanting to name my Emma, Emma, because of the movie. But I am sure it's one of the first times I heard the name.
Yes. My classical studies and love of Jane Austen came to me at a later age.....I am THE late bloomer.


I ordered the movie from Amazon Instant Movies. ( I do own this movie, but it is a VHS.)

It was almost nine when we put it on. Katie was still awake so she sat down to watch the beginning with us.

Just a few minutes into the movie Emma marries Flap. Her mother does not attend the wedding.

"You are not special enough to overcome a bad marriage'...or something biting like that, Aurora says.

Emma and Flap lying on a mattress in a crummy apartment in their wedding clothes when they start kissing.
At this point, I gently cover Katie's eyes. She is sitting right next to me. I am intent on preserving her innocence.
I know what is happening next. Not something terrible. Just something too mature for her.

When the scene ends I uncover her eyes.

Unfortunately, I do not remember that the next scene is in bed. (there is NO nudity in this...just two frisky newlyweds)
I throw my arm across Katie's face again and punch her in the nose.

Her nose starts bleeding.


Of course I laugh and laugh.
Katie runs to get some tissues.
Patrick enters the room and I get outed for punching Katie.


Sometimes I feel like I am in an episode of Modern Family.....or The Three Stooges. Yes. That's it.

You can call me Curly.

p.s. Emma agreed that Terms of Endearment is the saddest.
How I love the character development in this movie.
Aurora is one of a kind, she's neurotic, she's horribly honest and determined. Emma loves her anyway.

Reminds me of someone.

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