Saturday, September 28, 2013

A quick birthday round up.

Lovely Birthday visitors AND  the wienermobile !!!  @maryzigs

I was blessed with two visitors for my birthday.  Mary Z from Chicagoland and Susan from Switzerland/Alaska came all the way to Madison to celebrate my birthday with me.  We talked and opened presents and went out to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant.  On the way to the restaurant I spotted the Weinermobile in the parking lot at Walmart.  I phoned the ladies and said..."Do you want to turn around and go see the WEINERMOBILE? They said yes.  Let's!

And so.  We took picture after picture, laughing all the way.

Thank you SO much for the wonderful birthday party!

She's home. She's hungry. She's hiding her chapped lips.

Katie came home.  She was starving for something sweet.  I hear they did not have dessert at camp.
That's just weird.  Katie loves dessert....after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We went right to Michaels custard for a peanut butter sundae.  
She came home with chap lips.
And bed bugs.

One room had them at camp.  Only Katie's room.  How is that for luck?

We are delighted she is home.

Emma came home this morning.  Got on the bus at six am to come and see her momma.
I am very blessed.

Dog park!!

We went to the dog park this morning and when we came home Patrick had gotten us all our Starbucks.

The celebrating continues!!!

Thank you for the fabulous birthday greetings!!!

It's good to be here.

Today my shoes were not scuffed.  But my shirt was inside out.




  1. You made me laugh out loud with your last observances! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with friends and family.

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    How WONDERFUL for you to have Mary Z. and Susan visit on your birthday. I so wish we could have all been there with you. And, Katie and Emma are are blessed. Sorry about the bed bugs...that is no fun...Ugh! And, no dessert at that camp...what were they thinking? Next year send M&M's with her. They are easy to hide, but I am NOT speaking from experience or anything like that, ;-) You would fit right in at our school on "Inside-Out Day" or any other day for that matter. Thanks for the birthday recap! love and prayers, jep

    1. Love the M&M tip, I have some concealed in my nightstand at this very minute.

    2. Anonymous3:49 PM

      The new dark chocolate M&Ms are my current favorite go-to! jep

  3. Julie3:49 PM

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday, Donna! So glad you could spend it with friends and family.

    I know I'm behind the times, but I love Katie's new haircut. Hope she fills up her dessert deficit this weekend :)

  4. It was a thrill to visit you, share yummy Thai food, meet Ginny - AND see the wiener mobile! So sorry about the b.bugs - argh. Next time I want some of that peanut butter sundae - yummmm!

    (BTW, Mary Z is an awesome co-pilot!)

    "Icing" on the cake, birthday wise? Having Emma home. Yay :-)

    Hugs from your Swiss Miss

    1. Anonymous1:44 AM

      Mary Z

  5. Happy Birthday Donna BOOOOOOSHAAAAAy Happy Birthday week to you!
    Your girls are home!! how can you beat that???
    Bed bugs...icky.....that is NOT a good prezzie.

  6. oh and love the weinermobile sighting and shot

  7. Thai.....mmmmmmmm.......#49!!!

  8. #49 was AWESOME. Yummmm.

  9. Hope you had a great Birthday!!! Katie's haircut is adorable.

  10. A wonderful kind of birthday day, Donna :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  11. Happy. Happy. Happy to you, MizBoo!!!

  12. Anonymous9:07 PM

    So happy that you, Susan and Mary Z. spent part of your bday together. How fun!!
    No dessert at camp or bed bugs....I don't know which is worse? Geez, Louise!
    Looks like you've had a pretty good Saturday. : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa
    Who's excited about the new SNL tonight!

  13. Anonymous1:59 AM

    It was such a fun visit!! Thanks for the memories!! :)

    No dessert for a week? Poor Katie!! Glad you have both girls for the weekend and kudos to Patrick on the Starbucks run!!!

    Mary Z

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! A camp for kids with no dessert?!?! Seriously?!?!? What kind of camp is that??? As for the bed bugs...I hope you didn't bring her bags etc in the house. I've heard they are quite something to get rid of. Hot, hot, hot water and steam I think. Google it! 😮

    1. Everything is still outside!! I'm so angry about this :(

  15. What a fun birthday!

    The bed bug thing is just awful! I'd be really mad too!

    Wishing everyone a great week.

  16. Amy J in WI9:19 AM

    Glad you had a fun birthday, with all your family. But the bed bug thing is just icky. And I love that your shirt was inside-out. I often find myself wearing two watches. What's up with that?

  17. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite girls in the world. It's true.

    I love that you were with your girls for your special day. How wonderful to have friends that also enjoy the Weiner Mobile. Although, come to think of it, who in their right mind would NOT enjoy the Weiner Mobile?

    I wish you a year filled with so much happiness and love you can not begin to squeeze all of it out of each day.

    Camp without dessert is crazy. And so are bed bugs. Thank you for making me itch.


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