Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Red Carpet 2013

If you do not have expanded cable with channels like HBO and Showtime and if you do not get Netflix then you really do not need to watch the Emmys.  I was so bored with most of it I switched over to watch Breaking Bad (which is on basic cable) and forgot to go back and watch a large chunk of the Emmy broadcast. This telecast pretty much broke bad in my opinion.  Elton John sang the most boring Liberace.

The shows you may know...Modern Family won best comedy and the Voice won for best reality show.

Many of my favorite dresses were worn by people I do not know.  But that's okay.
The pre Emmy show on "E" was dull and the stars stayed away from Guilanna and Ryan.  The men stopped and a few women but it was weird.  I have a theory about this.  I think the ladies hate Joan Rivers and know that she will pick them apart.  So they stay away from the "E" crew.  The last two years the visitors to the "E" crew have dwindled!


Sandrina Holt.
I liked this because it was unique and pretty on her.
I'm so tired of the same shiloutte.


But then.  This classic look was a fave on Alison Williams.  Notice her large ring.
Almost every wore a huge ring.


I just loved Jane Krakowski's whole look.  Love her hair and makeup and dress.
She looked fabulous.


Of course I loved Kerry Washington in this pretty dress.  Feminine and beautiful.


Malin Ackerman.  Another pretty and feminine dress.


Do you remember Diahann Carroll?  She looked so gorgeous and I loved her dress.  This is the best picture I can find of it.  So nice!!

I actually think people over dress for this show.  It's in the summer.  It's tv.
I don't know....

Best dressed of the night...I will go with a crazy pick.
But it really is my favorite dress I saw all night.


Keirnam Shipka is from Mad Men.

Her shoes are just right.  The colors are fresh.

I love it.


What do you think?

Encourage one another,


  1. We have enjoyed the character Diahann Carroll plays on White Collar. She is beautiful! My favorite dress that you posted is the first one. It suits the actress perfectly, and I especially love the bodice. My only question: how does one walk in a skirt so long? I would be on my face as soon as I moved.

    Happy Monday,


  2. Love all of your pics. Couldn't agree more, I think that E! needs to get rid of Joan Rivers...why would anyone want to talk to that old bat! she and her daughter are horrible!
    I do like Guiliana and Ryan, so it's too bad that no one stops to visit with them....
    and Sally Drapers dress is stunning! as is that royal blue Ralph Lauren number. Lovely.
    I didn't watch a minute of the Emmy's. I was too busy watching Revenge!

    1. I have heard Guilana and Kelly both say how much they loved Joan. When Kelly was in the hospital, Joan came to see her every day. I believe she is very good to her friends in real life. But her schtick is crude and mean so I won't watch her on television. (Kelly Ripa and Regis loved her too.)

  3. I never watch award shows, but I love your recap of the dresses. All beautiful picks. I love the bold colors and the pretty feminine lines. The top one reminds me of a Downton Abbey silhouette.

  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I didn't watch the Emmy's. I like your choices. I think Jane Krakowski's look is my favorite because I'm always drawn to color. I love her jewelry. Oh, and I like Keirnan Shipka's dress, too. I bet it was gorgeous in person. I agree, her shoes are just right.
    I'm noticing that thicker eyebrows are kind of making a comeback. Maybe I'm just behind the times....

    Have a great day,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

    P.S. Loving the new pics of Katie with her short hair.
    And...the light outside these past two days has just been magical. Especially in the morning and evening. It's just been beautiful outside. : ) Ok, bye!

  5. Diahann Carroll looks lovely!

  6. Yes, Diahann Carroll is great on WC :-) what a classy beautiful lady.

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I only watched a few minutes of the Emmys because I became disgusted by the raunchy humor and innuendo. Which is too bad, because I do love seeing the dresses. My favorites in your lineup are the classic blue worn by Alison Williams and the very feminine and beautiful dress worn by Kerry Washington- opposite ends of the spectrum but I love them both.
    Debbie Z.

  8. Dawn K11:24 AM

    I thought this was one of the more boring Emmy shows. I was glad for the surprise winners, which shook up the evening. In fact, I switched back and forth between the Emmys and "The English Patient," which was on cable. (Free premium channel weekend!) My votes for best dressed go to Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jane Krakowski, Matt Damon's wife, and the blonde girl from "Big Bang Theory." (I think it's Kelly something.)

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Molly's high school holds a fashion show fundraiser each fall and the seniors are able to model prom fashions. I spent several hours yesterday at a dress shop with six 17-year-olds attempting to find prom dresses that they loved and that fit them. Also, these girls are all tall volleyball players so dress length was a bit of an issue. Plus so many of the styles were not appropriate for high school girls. Not an easy task! I so wish there was a dress like your final picture. How fun that one would have been! :)

    Mary Z

    P.S. I agree that the show was a snoozefest......

  10. I never watch that stuff, but I always look forward to your take on these shows. :) I actually looked through the fashion gallery and wondered to myself....wonder which one MizBoo will choose as her fave. You surprised me. Looking forward to more pics of your girlie's hair. She is so darling.

  11. 1-Cleveland winner: Sofia Vergara. Good grief, did you see that dress??

    2- wasn't it the Emmys that, in 2001 after the terror attacks, went to a semi-formal event instead? I remember it felt fresh and pretty and like a breath of badly-needed fresh air, not these over-the-top prom dresses that seem so much more suited for the oscars. I agree with you on Jane K for these same reasons. She just looked great. So did Tina Fey.

    3-I didn't watch a moment of it either, but I loved the few shots I saw of the guys in the grey tuxes with the black lapels. I thought they looked snazzy!!!



    2. Sofia wears the same dress every award show. She just changes up the color and the fabric. I happen to really like her beautiful red dress this year. But it is just the same ole same ole.

    3. Same ol' same ol', or same olé, same olé??? ;)

    4. Haha. Yeah. That's the ticket. Ole`

  12. It does all seem a bit much these days doesn't it? The clothes have taken over and although that makes for good eye candy, the events feel abit skewed (in my humble opinion). It's all about what you wear. I'm not sure why I even have the opinion, since I hardly watch tv and never know the shows! :) But, I did love all the dresses you picked!! Jane K looks great.

    One of my closest friends worked as E intern the year after college. She said that, surprisingly, Joan Rivers was incredible nice to everyone and very professional....her daughter, on the other hand, was sincerely awful to all she came into contact with, just mean and would never know that Joan was so polite in real life for her persona in tv....interesting.

  13. I love your first pick. I was surprised and smiled when I scrolled down. :)

    From what I've seen here and on TV....Kerry Washington gets my vote!!! Wowza. It looks perfect with her skin. And it's sooo feminine.

  14. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Love your picks! I also loved Christina Hendricks. I just think she is so beautiful and her dress was perfect!

  15. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I so enjoy coming here to learn about fashion!
    love and prayers, jep

  16. I just looked at all the pictures of the dresses with my daughter and we picked out our favorites. The whole time I wondered which ones you would choose. I love the first one. I did not see that in pictures we went through. I loved Allison Janey's purple dress. I think she looked just beautiful in it. I also just love her from way back when she was on the West Wing and in Juno.
    I love that you watch Breaking Bad. My hubby and I just started watching it and I can't get enough of it. At the end of each episode we look at each other and wonder what in the world is going to happen next. Each episode ends with a cliff hanger!

    1. Beth,
      The cast of breaking bad is on Conan tonight!!

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