Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the shadow of death

I know you are expecting that DWTS post.  But it was not meant for today.

This morning I went to a lovely Book Study for the faith group I attend here in town.  It was a sweet time of sharing and learning and encouraging.  When I got in the car I turned on my phone. (Before I drove off) and there was a message from Janet (my sister).

"Katie Wagner is in heaven with Jesus.  Our hearts are broken."

My heart breaks too for them.

Our human hearts are meant to love.  That is the very best thing they can do.  Love.
This is what Jesus wants us to do most of all.
So when our loved ones are not with us it is crushing.
It is painful.  It is horrible.

And yet.

We must go on.

So many dear friends have had to say goodbye for now to their husbands and children and siblings in the last three years it really is quite shocking to me.  I was just thinking yesterday that I didn't expect this in the 50's.  But I didn't expect it when I was 16 either.  And I will never expect it for the  young ones.

I will never understand.

So I cling to God's promises.

Psalm 23: 1-6

1The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want;
2he makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters;
3he restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows.
6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD

With love,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss, Donna.

  2. love and prayer...there is nothing else

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    So sad for the family and friends of Katie. Thank you for sharing!
    sis' cindy ;(

  4. Oh, she was such a bright light (so I gathered from the links). My heart breaks for her family and community who loved her. What a gaping hole she leaves.

    Farther along we'll know all about it,
    Farther along we'll understand why...

    1. I must remember those words.
      Are they from a song?


      I've just listened to 6 or 7 renditions of this song and decided I like this one best. Dolly, Linda and Emmylou.

    3. Josh Garrells version is a slightly "hip" version :-)

      Now I am doubting that is how you spell his last name

    4. Yes, his style is updated, no doubt. But the melody gets muddled, imho. I'm not a fan of the uni-chord. :-)

  5. I am sorrowful for Katie's family and friends. Glad to know she is with Jesus. Still it is so difficult to contemplate one so young passing away.

    Psalm 23 is a good passage when death comes near, but also a great verse for us who are living, walking thru this complex life - we surely need our Shepherd.

    Love and prayers for Katie's people - and all here at QLCS.

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    shedding tears of sadness here too.
    God is good, all the time.

  7. Thank you. <3

    God is faithful.

  8. I am so, so sorry. May this dear family be surrounded by a community that holds them as they grieve, providing the support they need. Grieving is such long, hard work!

    Crushing. Horrible. Painful. And God can be trusted. I don't know how all that weaves together into TRUTH, but I believe it all.

    Lord, have mercy!!!

    Love to all,

  9. So very sorry to read this--------God prepared your heart for this sad news Donna, by giving you a moment with dear friends and by being immersed in His Holy words.

  10. I just don't understand. I am so sad. My heart weeps for her poor family and friends. Things like this just don't make sense to me.

  11. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Peace to all...

    Bridget in Minnesota


    1. There is a hope that burns within my heart,
      That gives me strength for every passing day;
      A glimpse of glory now revealed in meagre part,
      Yet drives all doubt away:
      I stand in Christ, with sins forgiven;
      And Christ in me, the hope of heaven!
      My highest calling and my deepest joy,
      To make His will my home.

      There is a hope that lifts my weary head,
      A consolation strong against despair,
      That when the world has plunged me in its deepest pit,
      I find the Saviour there!
      Through present sufferings, future's fear,
      He whispers 'courage' in my ear.
      For I am safe in everlasting arms,
      And they will lead me home.

      There is a hope that stands the test of time,
      That lifts my eyes beyond the beckoning grave,
      To see the matchless beauty of a day divine
      When I behold His face!
      When sufferings cease and sorrows die,
      And every longing satisfied.
      Then joy unspeakable will flood my soul,
      For I am truly home

      Stuart Townend & Mark Edwards
      - See more at:

    2. This song was my consolation after mom died, and after the tragic deaths of two young women we've walked through here in our small town.

    3. Praying for your family, Janet, and for the Wagners. Be near, Lord Jesus!

    4. What a beautiful song!! Thank you Steph.

  13. Anonymous2:32 PM

    When people who pass that know the Lord, I think about how wonderful it is for them. I cannot fathom their joy, what they are seeing, Whom and whom they are seeing and it brings such peace to my heart.

    Kristi in LV

  14. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I'm so sorry. The Wagners and their friends will be in my prayers.

    I found a free Catholic app for my phone called "Laudate". It has lots of prayers. I really, really like it because when I feel overwhelmed with stuff I can go to that app and find a prayer that helps me.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  15. Anonymous5:34 PM

    It is this blog that helped move me down the path of healing after my mom died. You don't know that because I am a silent reader, but I read-everyday. I have been lifted up and brought to tears here. Each time I have felt a part of something magical. We are connected by our joy and by our sorrow. Thank you, Donna and thanks to your readers also. Prayers are powerful and I will indeed pray for Katie and her family. Hugs to you all. jules

  16. Prayers for Katie's family and friends... yesterday was the 18th anniversary of my cousins death (of a rare/sudden onset disease) at the age of 24.... I find it so staggering that its been 18 years and yet I remember being 16 and thinking, how does this happen? She was so good, why God why? (and boy was she SO good she had JUST graduated with her masters in elementary education specializing in special needs kids....she would have been amazing at that job). I just have to keep going back to Jesus had another goal in mind, maybe a special soul who needed a special guardian angel? hugs and prayers from my corner of the planet.

  17. Donna,
    Just read this. I am so sorry to hear about Katie's death. There really are no words. Each person, even within a family must grieve in there own way, in there own time. Although she is no longer suffering, those who are left, do suffer.
    I will keep them all in my prayers.

  18. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Thank you, Donna.

  19. I am so sorry about your friend. Prayers for her family and all those who knew and loved her.


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