Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maggie and Me.

Maggie and Me


I went all out and bought Maggie three sparkly cat toys.
Can you say...impulse item?

Maggie is not much of a player.

But the balls were so colorful and how could a kitty cat just not love sparkly balls?


But she was not impressed.

Licking her behind was much more interesting.


She is a master at ignoring me.

And my sparkly little balls.


Come back, Maggie.
Here, kittykittykitty.....

I miss homeschooling....


Oh kitty. You are so pretty.
Please come play with me.


I am her slave.
She is the master.

I can not please her.

Someone send me an adoring dog.


(the post above was written in Sept. 2009.


Fun with Ginny

Maggie is still here.  She mostly stays upstairs because she is terrified of Ginny.
Ginny is now the one who wishes, so desperately, to play with Maggie.

Maggie gets all the attention she desires and continues to play with my yarn and elastics (rubber bands) in the middle of the night.  I look forward to winter when she drags the hats up the stairs and leaves them in the hallway.  I wouldn't know she is ever here except for the oddball stuff she drags out and plays with.

I'm heading to school (back to school) in a bit to hear a motivational speaker at Katie's school.  His name is Mike McCoy and he is a former Packer.  Should be nice.

Tomorrow I will post about Dancing with the Stars.
I was totally NOT going to like it this year.  Even said the 'hate' word...which my sister called me on.

But I watched it last night and I am charmed by many of the dancers!

So I'm in and I will tell you all about it tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!

Love ya,


  1. Ha, Oh Maggie. Sorry I left you that cat, too bad Ginny & Maggie can't be besties.

    I think I would still name a kid Maggie May. Just like you did with Emma Cat. We're weird...

  2. Got to love that Maggie. She's a cat's cat. She is beautiful and she knows it. I love her hat antics.

    Fireman and I watched some Dancing too. Some of the pairs are already very very good.
    Poor Bill NYE

  3. My sister Cindy loved Bill Nye and voted for him many times! He looked great swing dancing. :o)

  4. I am sitting on my hands and working with all that is in my to resist the urge to point out the correlation between the sparkly balls and the cat licking her bottom. TOO EASY.


    Btw, my husband always refers to our dog's privates as their 'publics' since their antics are anything but private.


    Love me a calico kitty,

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      You are funny!

      Sarah P. from Iowa

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM


  5. Amy J in WI11:02 AM

    I wish we could have a cat....they are so much easier to take care of than dogs. But alas, allergies. Maybe, once Ginny doesn't have so much puppy in her, they will be able to be friends. One can always dream...

  6. Missing all of you here. Life has turned upside down and sideways all at once both at work and home. Caught up with your posts, Donna, and didn't want to let your Velcro post pass by without adding my own appreciation for the words and photos you share here. Thank you so much for being a constant encouragement in a somewhat topsy-turvy world.

    Didn't have a chance to watch DWTS last night but have it on DVR if I get the chance to go back and watch. When I was growing up, our cat went beyond indifferent to antisocial (even nasty at times); I'll take your Maggie any day.

  7. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Our cats have loosened up a bit and are starting to tolerate Rosie girl. She just wants to play with them so badly. Now, at least they don't attempt to scratch Rosie's eyeballs out! LOL

    I hope the motivational speaker was great. Our high school football coach came and gave a pep talk to the kids at our church last Wednesday night. I tell you what, it was just as good for the parents to hear as the students.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  8. Cats are so funny. Our cat loves to play with red pompoms, but on his terms!

    I was expecting DWTS to be hoehum. It was great right out of the starting gate! Accept for Bill Nye, oh dear, poor man.

    How was the motivational speaker?

  9. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Oh Maggie, you are too lovely to be difficult...what a face!!! There are some cats in my life that I remember well...the siamese that was so loving and visited all of us in our SC neighborhood just to say hello and the long haired cat on the AF base where we lived as newlyweds who would politely ask to come inside our front door, sniff all the baseboards and wait patiently to be let out the back door. Maybe Maggie and Ginny will eventually learn to live in peace...in community. Hope so!

    Julie, keeping you in our prayers.

    Have not seen TV in soooo long, thanks in advance for keeping me in the loop about DWTS.
    love and prayers, jep

  10. On vacay in Colorado - had to substitute Breckenridge for Estes Park (sad for those folks but north :-/ including my brother in law in Boulder)

    B'ridge is great - having s wonderful family time. Thankful for wifi so I can pop in. Love this spot.

    Blessings to Julie!

    1. Wondered how you were doing, Swissy Missy. Glad you had an alternate plan. Sounds like scary days out there. Always in our prayers...

      When are you heading over this way??

    2. Pardon my typing earlier; it is a challenge for me on my kindle!

      Thanks for the prayers - I fly to Chicago-land on Sunday evening for a 9 day visit :-)

  11. Your Maggie commentary makes me laugh! Our two calicoes are arch enemies of each other and the dog. Some times I am home alone and the animals get fighting and I send them all to separate corners like warring toddlers. 24/7 noise here at my house.

    Your brief "I miss homeschooling" made me gulp...this could be my last year!! What will I do?



    1. Take pictures of your cats and dog? It may be time to get that Lab :)

  12. I will never repeat the words, "It may be time to get that Lab" in front of my husband.

    He would prefer I become a Packer fan. If you get what I mean (-:



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