Tuesday, November 05, 2013

"Just a quick picture before you go, please, I'll be quick."


Have I told you how much I love pictures?
I love them a lot.
Especially pictures of people that I love a lot.

Katie had a teacher that wrote the word(s) a lot on a large piece of paper, then he cut it apart and put 'a' in one corner of the room and 'lot' in another part of the room.



so they would not forget that a lot is two words.

Good idea, huh?

But back to Little Patrick and Big Patrick.

Love them.

I treasure this picture.

Encourage one another,


  1. I love photos too. A lot :-)

    Especially of my favorite people.

    This is a dandy.

  2. Amy J in WI11:08 AM

    Great pic! Sorry it was a downer of a game for them. I am sure they had a super time though. Have I mentioned how much I hate Packer traffic? Maybe if I were a bigger fan it wouldn't bother me so much...

  3. Dad looks tiny...enjoy the steak bites tonight wish I was there

    I love photos too mostly of faces. mostly of my own face. (just kidding)

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    They both posed patiently for you! I also love photos. My closet is still a mess because I found a box of old photos when I was attempting to clean it (the closet) over the weekend. Instead I sat and pored over every single photo. Treasures. The best.

    Mary Z

  5. Why is that we who love to take pictures have to beg those we love most for just a quick shot? It's a great shot. I know you'll cherish it.

  6. John will love the "a lot" idea. He may just do that in Room 6 here in Cameron Park!

    Sorry about the ol' pack last night. Bummer! How is Rogers? Any news?

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. We don't live anywhere near WI so we don't follow the Packers. We just heard that Aaron Rogers was injured. That's too bad. We enjoy his discount double check commercials. My husband loves the one where he is flying "grill class."

  8. It's a wonderful photo.

    And that teacher had a great idea there. I like it A LOT.

  9. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Once several years ago when we were in Montana with our military son for a visit, I made him stand in front of everything in his daily life...apartment, work place, favorite restaurant, church etc. to take pictures. He finally gave me the "Awww Mom!" look and I stopped...it was our last day there. HA! We just can't get enough of those we love from afar...we love them A LOT!!
    Smart teacher!
    Such a dear picture, no wonder you treasure it. love and prayers, jep

  10. YAY for capturing a picture! You have to be quick with those people who aren't fans of A LOT of picture taking.

    OOOHHH boy, eh, when it comes to the Packers?! Glad I was listening on the radio as I'm guessing the televised version wasn't very pretty.....


    1. it was painful. had a party and everything. blurgh. Glad Aaron will be ok -- but scary, scary…. how much snow are you getting, Tameroooo???


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