Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The word of the year is Selfie.

So this is how it's gonna be...

No charge for the giant dog hair on my sweater.
This is my dear husband's new thing.
His grumpy face.

It's hilarious.

If you know him.

He is being silly and downright true to himself.



Long wait at Culvers. My daughters make great faces. They did not get this from me.

The train in Harvard IL

I love selfies...especially when I am in them with my dears.

Donna and Karen and Katie

I wonder if photo bomb is in the dictionary yet?

That's next :o)

Encourage one another and take a picture of yourself today!


  1. You are adorable!


    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      I so agree! love and prayers, jep

  2. love all of them! Is your hubby grumpy? I'm never quite sure by your comments :-)....I can't imagine he'd be grumpy with such a fun, adorable family! I'm glad you're getting photos of him though!

  3. Donna Booshay you are so cute

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Just wanted to let you know that while we are on vacation in Florida I still have to check in at Quiet Life. : ) I just had to go buy another card for my camera....not one pic with me in it. I will get in the pictures!
    Love your selfies, Miz Boo!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. Sarah P., I always check in while on vacation too ! two peas in a pod are we :-)

    2. I have done more than my share of selfies. My hubby always as his hands on his film camera, doing his big stuff. He takes people pictures sometimes but often forgets.

      To take good selfies it helps to have "larms" - long arms.

      Grumpy hubby is kinda funny. :-)

  5. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I love that you are in the photos! I often hide when the camera is around. Not anymore since I read a comment you made about getting in photos. There is only one photo of my grandmother that I cherish. She hid too! I want my grandchildren to remember me.
    Different note...I wanted to curl up and watch something last night, so I punched in The Paradise. Loved it! Thanks!

    Beckie from Kansas

  6. You are so pretty : )

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Fun pictures!! Grumpy face is pretty cute, too. :)

    Mary Z

  8. Link to my selfie of the year ~

  9. Rembrandt had a corner on selfies way back when :-)

    No artist has left a loftier or more penetrating personal testament than Rembrandt van Rijn. In more than 90 portraits of himself that date from the outset of his career in the 1620s to the year of his death in 1669, he created an autobiography in art that is the equal of the finest ever produced in literature, even of the intimately analytical Confessions of St. Augustine.

    1. I love that Dana!

    2. whoops! I copied those sentences from this website ~

  10. SELFIES!!!!!!! Ohmigoodness when you live with teenaged girls that is ALL that is ever happening! One has snapchat and boy, oh boy, it's constant selfies.

    I dunno.....I have mixed feelings about them.......can't make up my mind.

    Tammy ~@~


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