Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'round here


It snowed.

Guess we better put that umbrella away until next spring.
It snowed in May on my way to Malachi's birth.  Big scary snowstorm on highway 80 in Iowa.

Six months with snow. Six months without.

And so it goes.


Our girl Ginny is so pretty.
She messes up the pillows on the couch so I take them off.

The snow made Ginny act naughty and disobedient.
(She would not come in and was belligerent.)
We've discussed it and she is now on the right track.


Katie bought this cute cat ear ring over the weekend.
She LOVES it.

It is already misplaced.

Perhaps this will be THE thing that makes her more careful about her possessions.
Losing school papers and coats and shoes and books...not enough impact.
This ring.

Please.  Let it be.

Happy Tuesday from the land of the running furnace and snowflakes.

Encourage one another,


  1. Amy J in WI10:16 AM

    I am glad to hear that you and Ginny have come to agreement. The world would be a better place if we could all do that :).

  2. Donna

    Snowed here too. Love the lost cat ring......ahhh those lessons are tough eh? But so important. The snow made the cats all budge one another off the favorite radiator.
    I thought it was very pretty. I think God knew I needed a pretty pick me up

  3. Oh no! The lost ring was so cute! I thought it was darling on IG. Sorry to hear it. My daughter is a messy one too and I keep hoping that she'll outgrow it....but, alas, I think it may just be her way. It's a topic at every parent teacher conference -- and she's only seven. Not looking good for me on that one.

  4. I honestly think that keeping track of things is something that develops in the brain with some time. For most people! I have not yet met a middle-school aged child who keeps his or her own papers straight. My son's school even has then write them on the computer and submit them online so there's no place to misplace them, and he gets an email saying it's due, and it's still about 50/50 turning them in. (He DOES them, just doesn't get them turned in on time.) My 25 yo was the same way until college.

    1. This is my son. He's a freshman in high school and oh my... It's a lot of hand holding to get anything actually turned in! Thanks for giving me some hope!!!!

  5. Oh, I could tell stories about things my children have lost...but their mother lost her ipod for seven months and found it under a corner cupboard. Apple not falling far from the tree is their lot in life!

    Your snow looks lovely here in "eager for rain California."


    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Oh Di, this made me smile…thanks for telling on yourself. I too have lost things and turned the house upside down only to have it be somewhere I KNOW I looked. jep

  6. Your 6 months of snow and 6 without sure sounds like my home town of Anchorage, Alaska!

    First snow used to make my old boy Lucky act a little frisky - well, as frisky as a 15 year old dog could be :-) Seriously, he would kick up his heels a bit, as it were. So I totally understand how Ginny would get the idea that it was time to play and not heed the voice of her lady. Glad you two had your talk ;-)

    No snow here, but today was the first day I had to wear a hat while walking to the tram and bus. brrrr.

  7. Ahhh. The misplaced ring. It was the lost ring that did it for my daughter. After buying a lovely ring with her own birthday money while on vacation in Quebec City (a wonderful place to be by the way), she promptly lost it on the playground at our local school. She was so sad. She and her friend went to the playground for days to look for the ring. And one day, she found it! Glistening in the evening sunlight (It's all about the light right Donna?) Since that day she has kept her things in order and hasn't lost anything since. Well, maybe school book or two but no biggie!

  8. Anonymous12:30 PM

    We have snow, too! And it didn't melt! So, so pretty, but too, too early......

    Hi to Ginny and hope the cat ring turns up!

    Mary Z

    P.S. Heard on the radio this morning that Disney is making a stage show of Princess Bride! If done right, it could be so fun!

  9. It could.. And Into the Woods is coming to the movies.

  10. Ha Ha poor Ginny. Her blog sista Grace went nuts with our little dusting of snow.
    Something about it I guess! I never feel as much energy when snow hits.
    And your Katie is like my oldest son. So I know what you are going through with her as well.

  11. Anonymous3:01 PM

    We have snow down here in southern Iowa, too. Just a dusting. Rose ran her hot laps like a maniac in the yard last night. : ) You are right, Ginny is such a pretty dog!

    St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around, Katie's ring is lost and can not be found.

    Have a good evening,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  12. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Snows in WY our dog would run around digging a trench in the snow with her nose. That still puzzles me…;-) Lovely snow, Ginny (so regal), and cat ring photographs…thanks for sharing. Like Sarah P. I am praying that St. Anthony will help Katie find that ring soon…it is so sweet on her finger. love and prayers all around, jep

  13. Janice8:12 PM

    Tell Katie I think her ring is somewhere by a shoe or slipper!

  14. Love the snow! Love the cat ring ... and I'm NOT a "cat person" ... Ginny is adorable!

  15. It snowed here in northern NJ yesterday morning also, Donna. Only about an inch, and it's still clinging to our deck chairs and table. This morning I woke up to the outdoor thermometer saying "20" ! ugh!


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