Tuesday, December 10, 2013

blowy. glowy. snowy.




The fenceposts wear marshmallow hats 
On a snowy day; 
Bushes in their night gowns 
Are kneeling down to pray- 
And all the trees have silver skirts 
And want to dance away. 

~Dorothy Aldis

stay warm!



  1. You take the most beautiful snowy pictures!!!!

  2. These are so pretty - like being inside a snow globe :-)

    Sadly, we have no snow in the forecast and for me, it's just not December without snow.

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I like your poetic title just as much as the poem!!!

    Mary Z

  4. What lovely pictures, Donna! It's snowing here in NJ today. We are expecting 4-5 inches. But, we have a stomach virus going through the house, so we won't be heading out to enjoy the snow. Stay warm everyone!

  5. Cold cold cold cold COLD.


  6. My Lil' ol' Northern California Home on the Hill still has snow on the ground from Saturday's snow storm. It rarely stays that long. We are having our version of C-O-L-D!

    As we were wrapping our pipes, hoping nothing would freeze and break, we talked of you Wisconsin folks. Do you have special pipes? Gadgets? I would probably die if I moved there.

    I love your snow globes images, Donna. Lovely.


    1. We have gadgets and tricks - leave the cupboard doors under the sink open overnight so some furnace heat gets in and the pipes don't freeze... Space heaters are cheaper than furnace heat

    2. ... So stock up... If yu have to park outside in an older car, park with the nose as close to a building as possible to keep the wind out at least a little.. That 5 degree difference can mark the difference between your car starting and not starting... Layers, layers, layers... Keep your car running when you go into th store (remote start is awesome for this!)... And it's only truly cold when your boogers freeze. AND, once it hits a certain wind chill, maybe -15, any colder than that feels the same. Just cold. Always an adventure.. But not usually this early in the season! It's not winter yet!!!!! Oh, and never less than a half tank of gas, because less than that can freeze, according to my dad. :)

    3. Anonymous10:30 PM

      Very interesting, Stephanie. I have always wondered how people in the east get through the extreme temperatures. I have a feeling that L.L.Bean wouldn't make enough long underwear or down coats if I lived there. Do you pretty much wear snow boots all winter long and do you have to buy the coats made for extreme temps? Here in Washington extreme cold for us is in the 20s and rarely it will make it down in the teens but that will generally only last for a few days. Stay warm, Quiet Life friends.
      Debbie Z.

    4. In Anchorage we would call really cold temps "nostril weather" because it feels like the hairs in your nose are freezing!!

    5. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Our pipes froze yesterday morning!! Luckily, it was an easy fix and nothing was broken. Tis' the season!

      Sarah P. from Iowa

  7. Love that poem> It is new to me Donna BOO thank you

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Lovely pix lovely poem.
    How did you capture those flakes I can't seem to do it?
    Sandy R

  9. *Love* the pictures! Hope you took them through the windows of a warm house, girlfriend! Baby, it's coooooold outside! We aren't suppose to get above zero tomorrow....for our high temperature! Feels like January!

    Tammy ~@~

  10. I live along the Texas Gulf Coast. Snow - even freezing temps - are fairly rare. Usually we consider turning the a/c on at Christmas time. Snow is beautiful, and magical to me, although I am sure it gets old!

    But a few years ago, it snowed on Christmas Eve. Snowed a LOT. Well, a lot to us. The first White Christmas we've even seen. It was enough to cover everything and the kids made snowmen. Unfortunately, that is also the year I was on crutches recovering from ACL repair and I did not get to enjoy it.

    Hope you enjoy this snowfall - and stay warm and safe!

  11. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I so enjoy all the comments here and remember the frozen nose hairs from our years in Wyoming…that is an odd feeling, too. I wrote yesterday, but klutz that I am with technology I must have hit a wrong button. Thank you Donna for the beautiful photographs. They remind me of an artist that our DIL loves from Montana, K Bonnema Leslie. You are an artist with your camera. love and prayers and warm wishes, jep

  12. Beautiful pictures!!


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