Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kacey Musgraves concert.

Last night we went to a Kacey Musgraves concert in Milwaukee.  I have mentioned her before on my blog but I bet you don't remember. Kacey is a new artist from Texas.  She is a terribly talented writer with a beautiful voice.  I learned about her from watching CBS Sunday morning.

Just last night, during the show Kacey got the news that she had been nominated for four Grammys!
Isn't that exciting!  It was :o)

We picked Emma up at the bus stop in Milwaukee and then drove over to Real Chili.  I have heard about Real Chili on "Best thing I ever ate" television show.  Was the chili the best ever.  Not really.  It was good.  Right next to our table was this picture of Jerry Seinfeld.  He was the only famous person on the walls.  So we took our picture with him.

At Real Chili with Jerry Seinfeld.

At @spaceykacey (kacey musgraves) concert in Milwaukee!!!  #followyourarrow #sametrailerdifferentpark #ourfave

The concert was at The Rave.  We found our perfect seats right away...right after we found our free and close parking place.  I tell you.  Everything went fantastic.

We sat just above and close to the stage. The first band to play was John & Jocob.  They were really good and fun to listen to.

This song was much more lively and loud in person.


(I have included the link to the youtube page below in because there is a problem with the video.)

Kacey Musgraves on CBS Sunday Morning

Anyway, the concert was fantastic. She sang eleven songs from her twelve song album...she sang a few cover songs and two Christmas songs.  It was extremely fun and so entertaining!!



  1. I just LOVE live music. Concerts are the HUGE. As are good parking spaces. Not to mention the Boucher girls all together !!

    At first I thought "Kacey Who?" - but when you referenced the CBS Morning Show I remembered you speaking of her before.

    Last week me and hubby went to a concert and had VERY good seats and it was wonderful. He turned to me and said "why don't we do this more often?" good question. Bonus: we had a good view of the cello section ;-)

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    John and Jacob remind me of the Everly Brothers…similar sound…long ago. ;-)
    It is a great way to make memories with Katie and Emma…cute photos, too.
    love and prayers, jep

  3. Jep, I said the same thing to Emma. Everly Bros!!!

  4. Miz Boo, this is not related to your post today... we went to see "Frozen" last night and I cannot get over how the sister Anna looks so much like your Katie. If you took all your beautiful pictures and transformed them to a Disney Princess.....she would be your beautiful Katie. Just to inside and out!

    1. I just went to see her!! It does resemble her :) did you like the movie?

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Yes, it was very good. My husband and I took our 9year old boy on a very frozen kind of night here in the suburbs of St. Paul. Wish my 15 year old could have joined us, but as a teenager now he is a busy guy! I especially enjoyed the music from Idina Menzel. So much to discuss, you should make it a post! Look up "Let it go" and you can see the oldest sister Elsa sing her big song. Big themes-Love conquers fear and control, sister love, what is love...Moni in Minnesota

  5. My comment above looks off with an "unkown" ....I didn't know which choice to use in the box. Don't think I like what I picked....Moni in Minnesota

  6. She's much more country than I expected. I thought she was more folk-pop. Cool, cool.

  7. Growing up, my extended family lived in/around Milwaukee. Since we lived in West Virginia, and drove to visit them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we always drove through Chicago.
    To get to the point, Real Chili was a place we stopped on every trip (Mars Cheese Castle, too!). It brought a smile to me face when I read this post - lots of memories. thanks! :)


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