Monday, December 30, 2013

round here

Pretty Quiveys Grove. #happybirthdaykaren!!

I celebrated with a very special friend.

Hat. Finished. #win

Finished knitting a hat.

Even here in Wisconsin we don't see this very often.

Stayed inside.

STARBUCKS DELIVERY!!! #notkidding #sweethubby #carlesstoday
Yes. Even when it's -15, I drink iced chai :D

Emma took our car back to Chicago for the day.  So I am car less.
Really the only hardship was not having my Chai.

And I was okay with that.

Apparently my husband wanted to make my day!

He left work, went to Starbucks, delievered my Chai and Katie's hot chocolate and then went back to work.

How sweet is that?

The sweetest!

Feeling very thankful for a thoughtful husband and a warm house.


  1. The sweetest, for sure! He's a keeper ;-)

    I love the first photo - a place to linger, and have a 2nd cup of whatever.

    Brrr - stay warm!

  2. I agree with Susan ... what a lovely venue for a special lunch! Ah, chai!! Had one (the biggest they have) from a favorite place just this morning ... did the banking, post office and other errands in our sub zero temps and it was my "reward" for venturing out. Katie looks as happy with her cocoa as you are with your chai! Good day, my friend! Linda

  3. I am telling you it is the gnat bites of life that drive us crazy, and the smallest gestures of kindness and love that win our hearts. What a guy !! LOVE Katie's hat. She looks adorable in anything, but I love her in hats. Loved the wedding pics. They look very happy and in love, as it should be. God Bless them.

  4. My husband makes the best Americanos and brings me one every morning. Like I said on FB, coffee is my love language, so I think Patrick is a gem!!!

    I absolutely love the wall in that first picture. And going out to eat with a dear friend? One of my favorite things in the whole world.

    Merry Christmas all! And Happy New Year, too!


  5. Did you watch the call the midwife Christmas special? It was great

  6. Is that Quivey's?? I haven't been there in years!

  7. You have a wonderful husband! I was watching the news and I saw how cold it is up there...being from the south...I can not even fathom what y'all do when it's that cold! It's 40 deg. here today and I can't get warm enough. Take care.

  8. Anonymous4:24 PM

    You are always a blessing!
    Thank you for recommendation of The Paradise - we've been watching season 1 and love it!
    Also, would you please share the hat pattern? I would love to make that for my daughter.
    Enjoy the season...

  9. The hat pattern is called Elizabeth by Jane Richmond

  10. Anonymous6:11 PM

    High lights, hats, hot drinks and a helpful hubby…the blessings of a day by D. Boucher.
    Liking it all and sending warm hugs.
    love and prayers, jep
    PS Katie's drink was hot in temperature and yours is hot in style. ;-)

  11. That restaurant looks so cozy. Love the hat, too. And your delivery guy - how nice!

  12. I don't often comment but a solid "goodonya" to Patrick. So kind of him to think of the two of you and to model that behavior for your girl. I've read you for ages. Since you became a regular on Ree's blog. I've prayed for your family and followed your blessings. All the best. I really enjoy your photography.

  13. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Bless your husband's heart. How very sweet. And Donna, that temperature! I have never been where the thermometer read -15 in my life...bundle up and do your best to stay cozy. Hope the weather warms up at least a little for you very soon.

    Debbie Z.

  14. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Katie's expression with the gifted beverages makes my day!!! :)

    Mary Z

    1. YES! Me too ... {{{LIKE}}} !!

  15. Now that is a great act of kindness by Patrick!

  16. See what I mean, that mystery man is the best!
    -15! HOLY COW!
    It is 20 here today in PA and I am freezing.


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