Monday, December 02, 2013

Hello December!

“If you seek creative ideas go walking.
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for
a walk.” 

~Raymond I. Myers






We channeled Jane Austen on our country walk.

We have had just the most wonderful mini vacation!  
I hope you have had fun and lovely times too.

Lots of pictures to come.

Happy Monday!

Encourage one another,


  1. Emma has always looked like someone and I couldn't figure out who it was.... Mariska Hargitay. Todays photos are just stunning, of course!!!

    1. when i went to google markisa hargitay the first thing that came up was "mariska hargitay feet"

      I didn't click it... but now I'm wondering what the heck is up with her feet

    2. i totally checked out her feet... look normal to me, toes are kinda long... maybe some foot fetish people just really like her feet. the end.

    3. so strange. thank you for going the extra mile and looking that up sis.

  2. Wonderful photos in such lovely light! They bring a smile :-)

    I totally agree with the quote; I love getting out and walking in the fresh air and good ideas always seem to spring to mind.

    I'm so glad you have had a lovely, restorative holiday. Can't wait to see the photos to come!!

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  4. Beautiful daughter! So glad you had a wonderful vacation. This was one of my favorites in a while, too! Sorry. I just commented as my daughter (the downfalls of everyone in the family have a google account—well, except for the 5 year old!)

  5. Beautiful Emma! And your landscape does have a Jane Austen feel. Where did you travel, Donna?

    Happy Monday,

  6. Ours was fabulous, too. Happy Monday!

  7. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Oh, I love that quote!
    Beautiful pictures.
    So happy you've had some fun! Looking forward to more pics to come.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Emma is as beautiful as ever and I almost expect to see Mr. Darcy riding into the frame of the scenic photo! Glad you were able to channel Jane and enjoy a mini-vacation.

    Happy Advent to all who celebrate it!

    Mary Z

  9. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I almost expected to see Walt Whitman or Robert Frost sitting on that fence…Mr. Darby is good, too. Beautiful Emma photographs…looks like a catalog shoot. Great job Donna!
    love and prayers, jep

  10. You post the best quotes. Love the beautiful pics of your beautiful Emma!

  11. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Beautiful is an understatement when looking at these photos of Emma!! Donna, these are just gorgeous!! Sue

  12. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Lovely photos of your lovely girl. That second one is just stunning. Your children are so lucky to have their mum taking fabulous photos of them.

    Debbie Z.

  13. Love, love, love the third photo of Emma. I do not know her except through your blog, but her beauty seems to come from the inside out. She just radiates a sense of Peace. And reading this back to myself it totally sounds weird - I promise I'm not. :-)

    What lens did you use for those first photos?

  14. I used the same lens for all. 50mm
    Thank you

  15. She is so lovely. I am glad God gave her to you.


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