Thursday, September 04, 2014

it had to be. it had to be.

The stars who will be dancing on Dancing with the Stars were announced this morning.

After 18 seasons...Alfonso Riberio will be a contestant.  Alfonson played Calrton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air along with Will Smith. 

Carlton's dorky dancing was the high light of the show for me.

And then there is this...

Oh!  How Carlton loved Tom Jones!

Because to me, people dancing is either hilarious or beautiful.

Last night my favorite dancer won on So You Think You Can Dance.

His name is Ricky.  He is the most beautiful dancer!



Katie has her first volleyball game tonight! We are all so excited.
School is going great. Except opening the locker.  She can not do that.
I hope today she succeeds!!!
Packer's first game is tonight.  Not quite as excited about that.

It rained and rained and rained and rained last night. I was awakened at three.
In four hours we got four inches of rain.
The thunder was loud and went on and on.
 I may need a nap.

Encourage one another,


  1. Amy J in WI9:48 AM

    Love Carlton! Thanks for the clips :). Here's hoping that today is the day that the locker gets opened!

  2. Having Alfonso Riberio on is like having Mario (dimples) Lopez on . They are both pros to me ! I am looking forward to seeing how Sadie Robertson does. She is a cute teen. We have had rain too, but not as much as you. Go Team Katie !!

  3. So it is not just a homeschool thing that Bren struggled with his locker? Phew.

    GO KATIE! The only bummer about her new school is she is leaving the coolest mascot behind. Love those flying fathers (-:


    1. I know!!! Di, they were slam dunking!!! Amazingly hilarious.
      We have an orange wildcat paw print on our water tower.
      It's cute :o)

    2. Go Wildcat's!!! We have a green bear paw for our Bruins. It is time to visit the booster store (-:


  4. Oh, my gosh! I love that! We always tease my mom that she dances like Carlton. :-)

  5. janice10:15 AM

    Alfonso was in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson, too. The lineup looks fun even though I don't know most of them...

    Yay for Rickie!

    Good Luck, Katie

  6. I'm excited about the game tonight. Well, maybe more excited for the season and not necessarily tonight ;-). Fun Packer post today

  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Oh Carlton! Thanks for the laughs.

    Gosh, I remember that.....pass time, lock, combination, locker, what class is next?, books, hurrying.... Good luck Katie!! It'll get easier!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  8. The locker....the LOCKER...THE L-O-C-K-E-R!!! Carter can't get it either! Late to class because of.....THE LOCKER!!!

    1. Aw. Katie is not alone!!!! Go Carter! go Bren!!

  9. Loved Ricky! I would have been happy with any of the final four winning. Ricky has a great personality which makes it extra fun to watch him. There is a great, funny piece from his high school competition days on YouTube:

  10. go pack!!!!!
    now I'm excited for dancing

  11. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I gotta say, I have always loved Carlton. What fun it will be to watch him - I'm happy for ya, Donna!

    ~ Susan

  12. Anonymous1:31 PM

    My Seth had the same problem his first week as a freshman this year. A month into now and he is an old pro...Katie will catch on soon.

  13. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Carlton will surely be fun to watch!

    Good luck to Katie and her team tonight! I'll be rooting for #7!! :)

    Mary Z

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      I'll also be rooting for all the freshmen to experience locker success!! :)))

      Mary Z

  14. Anonymous5:35 PM

    My freshman had locker troubles too, so he met with the school counselor today. Turns out he had the wrong number in the combination. Once he had the right numbers, it was no problem!


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