Monday, September 08, 2014

late start

Katie's school has late start twice a month.
Today was the first late start day.

Of course we forgot this.

Katie remembered just as we were heading out the door at 8:15.

You can be sure that we will remember next time.


1940's chicken

I took this picture with my phone yesterday.  I was goofing around with the edits and all of a sudden this looked very 1940's life magazine black and white to me.  Katie's friends have chickens. I'm so jealous.  They live in Madison where having chickens is allowed.  I live in a country suburb...where chickens are not allowed.  I would sure love to have chickens and fresh eggs. 
Wouldn't you?


 I took Senior pictures for my friend Amy over the weekend.  We ended with a few pictures of Andrew in his grandpa's truck.

I love how relaxed and happy he was in Grandpa's truck.



Wishing you a great week ahead!
We've already gotten our first mistake out of the way!
Isn't that brilliant!?

p.s. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine and her hubby William are expecting baby #2!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. I'd love chickens for fresh eggs, too! Wonder if Farnham has any rules against it?! Hmmmm.... :)

    We've forgotten late start a number of times ourselves, but now that Grace is a Jr. in HS, she remembers because she gets that extra hour of sleep. Amazing what they can remember when it involves sleeping!

    Royal babies are always exciting - poor Kate is already dealing with morning sickness again. No fun - but grateful that little George will have a sibling. Brother and sisters are a wonderful thing....

  2. Oopsie. That's a good mistake to make though, better that than the opposite!

    I wonder how Ginny would like chicken's in the backyard...

    We can have them in Chicago!

  3. John Vrany11:24 AM

    VAHS has an electronic calendar that you can tie in with most online/phone calendars. before that I used to go into my kids rooms to try and wake them only to get a half awake "It's late start"

  4. Late start on a Monday seems like a guarantee to forget, doesn't it? We have early release every Wednesday and I hate it with an unholy, aggressive passion. I waste my energy on the most ridiculous things.. But come on. I'd rather have one whole Friday off every month than just two hours on Wednesday. Ugh. I love chickens! Bu we don't eat eggs or meat in our house, so it wouldn't do much good. :)

    1. I live in awe of your meatless, eggless life. How do you feed your athlete?


    2. No meeeeat? He don't eat no meeeeat???

      That's ok. I make lamb.


      My athlete eats a lot of sandwiches. And nutribullets, and cereal. Wishing he ate more dark greens, but it's a start. And he buys a lot of mcds sandwiches.

    3. I love that movie.

      What is a "bundt"?

      I could do without meat (I actually do, most of the time) but *not* cheese!

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Dogs love chickens. We had to be very careful. We almost had a few casualties because of Rose and Angus. Raccoon and fox....that's another story. I recommend raising chickens to anybody. I loved it.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. We have had terrible luck with foxes and other critters and so we no longer have chickens. But Bren alone makes me question that....his egg consumption is something for the record books.

    I think Bren's school schedule is designed as Alzheimer's prevention for me. There are collaboration days one or maybe two Mondays a month...pick up at 12:10. Normal Mon, Tues, Friday is 1:47. Weds. is 2:16. Thurs. is 11:55. I must check the schedules five times every morning to make sure I know where I am going when. Good grief.

    But he starts every day at 7:10...or 7...blankety blank.....10 if you want to know what I call it in my head. It's early. We are in the swing now. A well oiled morning machine. If they changed that time, I think I would cry.

    That's my Monday Rant. On to being a nice person (-:


    1. Oh my. That is horribly early! What the heck is with all the time changes?

      This evening I go to Booster Club meeting. Somebody's gotta do it and well....I'm pretty free this year.

    2. There is nothing FREE about being a booster, Donna. God Bless You!


  7. I have a friend with chickens - they have the best eggs, and they sell them, so I can always have fresh ones! :)

    My son's school has early release on Wednesdays - so that's my only challenge to remember. I can't imagine going later - he'd just end up very, very early to school (which is far better than the alternative!)

    Love the truck pictures - perfect lighting, surrounded by all that reflective red. Gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Jamey and Molly's grade school had early dismissal Wednesdays. Let's just say that there was more than one time I wasn't there exactly on time. Maybe even more than one time per child. :)

    Great red truck pictures!

    Mary Z

  9. Amy J in WI7:20 PM

    Thanks for the sneak peek of Andrew's senior pics :). He enjoyed his time with you....the first time he has actually enjoyed having his picture taken. Ever. Grandpa will be thrilled that his truck is in some pictures!

    Sorry you missed your chance to sleep in a little this morning. But at least you remembered before you got to school!

  10. He is darling, Amy! How is it that your son is a senior? Time needs to slllloooowwww down!


  11. 8:15? Just heading out the house? Carter steps out the door at 6:44am!!! Do you need a rooster up there to get you all going?!!!!

  12. Anonymous10:53 PM

    We had three chickens but just a couple days ago some critter got one of them, so down to two. Henrietta and Babette remain but poor Bertha met an early demise. The eggs are great and my niece's six-year-old son loves nothing more than to go out and gather them in the tail of his shirt and bring them into the kitchen beaming. Just one small thing that adds to life's beauty.

    Debbie Z.

  13. The picture of the dumbfounded housewife is perfection!!!! I love it when you have occasion to use it. Hehe.


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