Tuesday, September 02, 2014


First day of high school. Color of the day is blue. Parting words "start making your piles of good!!!"

Katie starts high school today.  She is sad that summer is over but looking forward to lots of friends and fun.  The grind of school...eh...not so much.

So I told her to have a good attitude.  And she said she does.

When she jumped out of the car this morning I yelled,
"start making your piles of good!"

and I laughed and laughed and laughed...cause I'm so funny....

and she giggled a little and walked off.

And that's the truth.


We all went to Omaha to celebrate Asher's 4th birthday!  Asher is one of those children who say the darnedest things.  My sister Janet's children were like this.  Mine not so much.  But Asher says terrible cute things.

He is happy to be four and is working on his fingers.
Going from making threes to fours is harder than you might think.

Four kisses when you wake, Four candles on your cake.

Melinda, Asher ... And Katie

Birthday Selfie....with photobomb.

Auntie Katie and Malachi

Asher and Malachi

I know!  They are ridiculously cute!!!

Emma #westernbowl #omaha

Emma flew to Omaha from Chicago.  She is starting a big adventure today too!
Her 'counseling' internship for grad school begins this morning.
Go Emma!  So proud of you!

Matthew and Malachi

Birthday bowler

The Birthday Bowler.

Bye, bye!  Love you! Thank you! Mean it.

So long!
Love you.
Thank you.
Mean it!!!

"Let your pile of good things grow."

I love that so much.

Encourage one another,


  1. Oh, Donna! I can hear you laughing. Because you really ARE funny! Thank you for stacking up good stuff in this post, on this blog, in your life.

    Funny story: I had to demolish a pile of good things yesterday. My two piles of books to read on my nightstand was so high there wasn't room for a hand to get to the switch of the lamp. My husband called me out on it, so I had to decide which books go on the shelf (and then WHEN will I read them?) and three that stay on the stand. That's the first thing I thought of when I read your quote.

    I wanted to thank you again for defining mysterious words for me last week. You are helpful in a multitude of ways.

    Happy first day of school, Katie! Happy reduced commuting, Donna! Welcome September, that loveliest of months!

  2. Oh! And Asher's eyes! Pools! Glorious!

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Your grandsons are so darling. I can just imagine how difficult it is to say goodbye. How special that you could all be there for his #4 birthday.

    When I read what you said about Katie's first day, I could only smile and nod my head. She is going to have a wonderful year. You speak of piles. My first thought was heaps of blessings.

    May God bless her year, and help her through the studies, the grind.

    glad you're back :-)

    ~ Susan

  4. Donna,
    That quote is EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you.
    And those children and grandchildren are so beautiful and happy and enjoying being together. That is the best, isn't it?
    But how is it that Asher is 4? How is that possible?
    GO KATIE! First day of high school. Cannot wait to hear your stories, Donna. When does volleyball start having games?

    Happy Tuesday all,

    1. Katie's first a game is Thursday at 6:15.

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Smiling in Iowa. This post just makes me happy. : )


  6. Big smiles here as I look at these wonderful images and enjoy watching your family grow and thrive. You and your mister started a good pile a long time ago !! Glad you had a safe trip. Hope you aren't too lonesome with Katie at school.

  7. Those boys are crazy adorable. The big eyes love the camera, don't ya know!! Just wonderful!! Love the piles of good quote. Blessings to you on this first day of many things! :)

  8. Those two grandchildren of yours, Donna . . . they are just so precious. Beautiful, beautiful boys. Way to go, Katie - in high school! Where have all the years gone?

  9. Laughing my head off, because my mother always used the word 'piles' for hemorrhoids. So it would be like, "she's got piles". (Not that we spent time talking about people's hemorrhoids. But I digress). Ever since then, whenever scott and I are together and someone says the word 'piles', one of us always says, under our breath, "piles?" as a question. So this is a fantastically funny post.

    Of course, I just got home from the ER after a major knee sprain today, so maybe it's just the drugs.

    Loopy as ever,

    1. In other news: how is Asher 4?! Is he beautiful. And that sweet baby boy is beyond darling. You are blessed. Is Emma's internship in Omaha?! So awesome.

  10. Im sorry to hear about your knee!!


  11. Awwww, Asher says funny things just like his second cousins once removed...or whatever they are. ;) That's fun.

    Those pictures....ah mazing.

    Do the Glyman girls really need their (junk) piles to grow. Hehehe. I do love that quote though. :)

  12. I have missed your blog posts! (My fault for having missed them.) Your family is so lovely. :)

  13. The eyelashes on those boys~~they are so handsome!
    Blessings to Katie in her new school year. :)
    "Piles of good things", now there's a good thought for today and the days to come! I think I would add "piles of blessings." We are blessed now, aren't we though?!
    How is Melinda feeling these days?

  14. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Your grandsons have the most beautiful eyes EVER !!!!!!!!


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