Thursday, October 09, 2014

In which I write for Ree

I wrote an article for Ree's (The Pioneer Woman's) website...
if you like movies, I think you will like it.

Follow the link below;

Foriegn Film Fest @ The Pioneer Woman's website

Miz Boo aka Donna


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Foreign Film Favs...
    Love Is Beautiful
    The Motorcylce Diaries
    Under The Same Moon
    Which Way Home
    All of these have strong messages... must bring kleenex for most!

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    ^^Audrey looks like Anne Hathaway in the photo above! Off to read your review. :)

    Mary Z

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Oh it is so good to see you writing for Ree! I always enjoy your movie suggestions. We really liked The Lunchbox which you recommended. And, I saw Raise the Red Lantern from our library. I tried to comment on it, but I am not sure if I did it right. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a favorite of mine, too. Thanks for some new suggestions. I am off to see if they are on Netflix. love and prayers, jep

  4. I'm not sure what it is - probably merely that i'm a weirdo - but though i was nearly a French minor, and I loved the classes, i have zero interest in foreign films. Am I snobby? Too lazy to read my movies? I'm not sure. But I never even saw the one from India that won all the oscars a few years back -- and I'm sure I'm all the poorer for never seeing these. Maybe it'll come as I get older? Hmm.


    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      You are not a weirdo. When I was younger, I did not like to read captioning. As I have gotten older and my hearing is not what it used to be, I so appreciate closed captioning and we do it for everything we watch now. Enjoy your young ears and if you want to see foreign films when all the kids are out of the house, well you have something to look forward to besides an empty nest. love and prayers, jep

    2. I don't think you are weird, Steph. I am a reluctant foreign film watcher. (Except Mostly Martha, which you NEED TO WATCH STEPH!) I think part of it is the films are more work, and not just the caption reading. They are deeper, less direct. I am coming to love them, but it's taken a long time. I am going to watch these, Donna, and see if I can become a convert. Tonight Madelaine and a friend are showing me a movie called Wonderful Town, a Thai film. Not excited, but they are, so I will walk forward in their excitement.

      Thanks for the new list, Donna. Would love to know if anyone else has favorites to recommend.



    3. Anonymous11:29 PM

      I remember watching my first captioned film back in my late 30's, and it was WORK.

      Now I love them, although they do require my full attention, so handwork is out.

      I must make a note about Mostly Martha (that's the original Without Reservations, right? with the chef and the niece? off to write it down ...)

      ~ Susan

  5. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Donna, your post was great and it generated MUCH movie talk - great tips and insights!


    ~ S

  6. I watched Amelie when I was brushing up on my French before our trip this March, and I agree it's lovely! I now need to put The Lunchbox and the one about the cleaning ladies on my must watch list! Thanks for the recommendations.

  7. I can't wait to read it! : )
    I saw Gone, Girl on Sunday night.
    The kids wanted to see a scary movie and I just couldn't bear it, so I dropped them off and went and sat by myself.
    It was sort of fun.
    the movie was crazy. I can't stop thinking about it.
    I don't know if you would like it because there was a lot of blood.


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