Thursday, June 04, 2015

Great Pictures. Famous folks.


Our blog friend, Southern Gal,  sent me a link to a website she likes...and she thought I would like it too...

It is called "Awesome people hanging out together".

She was so right.  I was pulled into the cool and odd couplings.

Here are some of my favorites;

John Wayne and Gary Cooper
Men in summer outfits. 

Oh! For heavens sake!  This is fun!

Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana

This is great.  Spencer Tracy and Hemingway.
with a photobomber :o)

Odd.  Eleanor Roosevelt and Lucy

Scary dudes. 
Vincent Price and Hitchcock

Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

Sammy and Martin

My favorite Seth Meyers with Anna Wintour (Vogue)

This one had me at glasses.

Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly

Here's the linky dink:

awesome people hanging out together

Thanks Southern Gal!  That was fun!



  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Cool Photos ! I can't figure out Gary's outfit ? That shirt with the multi pocket front and his shoes ? Look like ballet slippers ?

    1. They struck me, too. Why don't men have an interesting variety of clothes any more? Or, maybe that was only Gary.

    2. Yes! Espadrilles!! With ties. Confident of his masculinity!

    3. When you're Gary Cooper, you can wear anything and look exceedingly cool.

    4. I didn't even notice the shoes!

    5. Espadrilles, very French - oui. Cool dudes with cool shoes.

      Seth Meyers looks a little freaked out by Anna ;-)

      Great site!!

    6. She is actually his buddy. She loves him and has been on his show twice!!

  2. It was fun to see which ones you selected. My absolute favorite was the John Wayne and Gary Cooper one. Such great actors and manly men. ;)

    And everyone here can call me Renee. ;)

    1. The Waylon Jennings/Buddy Holly photo is so fun. But I can't look at it without remembering an interview with Waylon I watched years ago where he discussed his guilt about giving up his seat to the Big Bopper on the plane that crashed killing Buddy, JP Richardson and Ritchie Valens. I found this about it:

  3. We are not yet famous, but i think there is a Donna BOO and Kathy Boyeah image coming soon.
    Those are very fun shots. They are surprising....

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    What fun! Thanks Southern Gal and Donna for sharing. This is the second time this week that I have seen something about the Dalai Lama. I watched a documentary about Nicholas Vreeland the grandson of Diana Vreeland who was ed. in chief at Vogue and also worked for Harper's Bazaar. Monk With A Camera is about Nicholas Vreeland spiritual (not journey) quest ;-) which led him to become a Tibetan Buddhist. He gave up his photography and then went back to it to make money for the monastery. It was the photographs that interested me the most, although his story captured my attention. Happy weekend Donna and QLCS. love and prayers, jep

    1. I watched it too. Fascinating story. I liked the docu on his grandmother very much too


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