Monday, June 01, 2015


It's June!!

Are you swimsuit ready?

Never mind.



June 3. 2008

This little peanut is days away from completing her first year in public high school.
It has been an excellent year for her.  She is doing fantastic academically. I am impressed with the teachers and students.  I think her favorite thing about this year was being on the volleyball team. 
Katie has been exposed to fights and students smoking pot (4/20)
but she has not had a fight nor has she smoked we are good.

She can't wait to be done.  This second semester has been much more rigorous than the first.  
We look forward to a delightful summer!!!

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

I am looking forward to Emma's Grad School graduation.  Because she is so looking forward to it.
Seeing our grand babies is tops on my list!

Encourage one another,


  1. Quick Georgia coast beach trip with my mother this coming weekend, and THEN CWAC !!!
    That's Cousins Week at Callaway, aka our family's reunion, for a week.
    Not a true *vacation*, but loads of fun!

  2. Well Im looking forward to a very special Graduation party too!
    I can't wait to see mY Al in the Outerbanks.
    Looking forward to:
    (you asked!)
    my roses bushes having their best year ever..
    fireflies in the night
    porch time..all the time
    bike riding..seriously..Im liking it
    Going on our friends' boat and relaxing
    knitting knitting knitting
    visiting my mom in the nursing home
    Turning 55!
    watching Fezzik grow
    making memories with ZACH!

  3. Sitting on my balcony with a good book, fiddling with my containers of flowers, plus a wee bit of traveling.

    Plus - flying to the east coast to have a May family get together in Maine!

    Maycation 2015 - whoot! Hmmmm, Lobster Rolls. Can't wait!!

    What a joy for you to see your grandsons. AND Emma's grad school graduation.

  4. P.S. HooRAY for Katie!!

  5. LOL Proud of Katie for not fighting or smoking pot.

    Looking forward to going to movies, exploring areas of AZ we haven't seen. visiting the butterfly exhibit, cleaning out some piles and going to the beach in July.

    Congrats to Emma.

    Enjoy those grands. :)

  6. Swimsuit ready? Never. But I am more comfortable in my skin thanks to a friend. She lost 25 pounds from July to December last year. In that same time period she opened a catery/bakery shop in town. How? So she shared and I tried. It's going well for me. My biggest victory? No cravings driving me to the fridge and pantry any more. Sorry. Maybe TMI?

    So glad Katie did so well in public school and Emma graduates!!!

    My daughter and grands have been living with us the last month and are moving back to town due to mold in the house they were leasing. It's been a long, hard six months, but it's almost done. ;)

    Enjoy your grandbabies. I know you will. ;)

  7. My son starts public high school this fall. Your encouragement about Katie's experience is balm to my worried soul. He is very unlike my daughters. They worked hard because they wanted good grades. He will only work hard on things he enjoys or values right now. I see qualities that will help him succeed wonderfully as an adult but sometimes they make for a very "tetchy" teenager!

    My oldest might possibly maybe be getting a baby itch. She and her hubby are celebrating four years. I'm not sure how I feel about it but guess what? It's not my decision! That is sure liberating. They will be great either way.

    Miss Middle will graduate in December and is working an internship this summer.

    As usual my summer plans seem wrapped up in other people - when this one goes to camp, when this one is going to a big concert, etc. - but I'm loving the warmth and sleeping in. Happy summer! (P.S. we are all beach ready. People may not be ready to see my body, lol, but that's on them!)

    1. LOVE IT~ Your rock. Enjoy the sun and sand and waves!

  8. Sadly, I haven't felt "swimsuit ready" for decades...

    So happy Katie has had a great freshman year AND congrats to Emma on such an awesome accomplishment! It's all the more special since she has had health struggles along the way!

    For the summer, looking forward to a couple trips to Michigan, a few Cubs games, family parties, BBQs, and grad parties, some concerts, warmer weather and hopefully the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup! :)

    1. About the health struggles. I am so proud of her. She is working so hard on all fronts.
      She is ready for the pressure to be OFF.

  9. My summer has started off with a huge BANG with TWO grandbabies born 3 days apart in the past 4 days! Woo hoo! Then oldest son gets married in July. A full and fun summer ... and I hope the same for you!

    1. What are the babies names?? Congrats!!

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Looking forward to puttering about in my roses and cutting huge bouquets for the house, a family reunion/4th of July celebration at my nephew's new house, my youngest son getting married in August, and taking time to read a couple books I have been looking forward to, preferably out on my deck with a tall glass of iced tea by my side. Oh, how I love summertime. Congratulations to Emma- grad school is such a major accomplishment. I am sure you are very proud.

    Debbie Z.

    1. Anonymous10:57 PM

      P.S. Swimsuit ready? Not since I was about 25. : )

      Debbie Z.

  11. I am so glad your baby had a good year in public school! So glad she avoided pot smoking and fighting : ). My babies didn't smoke pot either, but Bria does think fights are cool. I have to tell her all the time that this is not what we are aspiring to in life. She rolls her eyes. 9th grade was hard for both of my babies. We are stressing over projects and exams over this week and next. I think they will survive. I am so excited you get to see your grand babies and your family.


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