Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just do it.


I lost all my phone photos a few months ago.  The pictures I put on Instagram or on Flickr are safe.
But the pictures between 2012 and 2015 are gone.

My phone died and when my husband tried to get it restarted, everything was wiped out.
I did, however, have a back up from 2012.    SO.

Found photo

I gained some pictures I thought were lost and lost some very precious pictures.  You know.  Like babies being born!

That firework picture above is a favorite of mine.  The thing is I took a dozen that night and I liked many of those too.  BUT.  This is the only one I have left.

It's really a bummer.  So the moral to the story.
Put your pictures on your computer, or in the cloud, or print them.

It's important.

Miz Boo says back up!

Encourage one another,


  1. Ugh, my heart is breaking for you. I still have a flash drive full of photos of a trip Kenny and I took. I can't get them off. I won't throw it away. Somehow I think magically I will someday insert it and they will all be there.
    Love you

  2. John Vrany2:06 PM

    Are you coming to the Elver fireworks? Free lemonade again!

  3. That fireworks photo is so so good! It looks like a painting! I lost a bunch of photos on our desktop. That happened several years ago and I still mourn because I hadn't put them in facebook albums or wherever. I'm saving the burnt up hard drive in case I ever meet Abbie and McGee from NCIS.

  4. This is my worst nightmare. I'm serious. I have two hard drives because the first one started clicking. I have my cards that I've kept. I try to print, but I just take too many pictures. I"m trying to edit more so I don't have thousands of so-so photos. I know yours are all fabulous.

    (Now my camera is kaput and I'm waiting on Nikon to tell me what the damage will be ($304 was the estimate). I'm praying that's high.)

    1. Yikes. That's a high repair. Sorry.

  5. I can't figure out how people keep that many photos on their phone without it being constantly out of space...

    I download photos at least weekly and delete them off my phone. Otherwise? "Storage is full, photo cannot be saved"

    1. Really? I have about 1000. I don't get that message. I edit a lot but I need to get them off my phone and onto Flickr and my book .

  6. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I am so thankful that my husband downloads our phone pictures and then stores them on a hard drive. We have printed out lots of the Grands, but our vacation pictures and other family pictures are not printed. At least they are saved. I am so sorry you lost the phone pictures. I love scrolling through mine and our Grands even know how to scroll and love seeing pictures of themselves.
    ;-) love and prayers and sorrow for lost pictures, jep

    1. That's what I like to do too. It can be my brag book 😄

    2. John Vrany8:35 PM

      Bring your big camera (and tripod) and you can get shots like this

  7. Groan. Oh that is so sad. So, so sad. I've been working for three weeks on uploading my photos to "the cloud" with Amazon free unlimited photo storage with Prime. I'm working alphabetically through my folders and I'm on the 'D's right now. It takes time but works in the background while I do other tasks on the computer.

  8. My hubby, ever vigilant and techy, bought us our own "cloud".

    The upside of using an ancient mobile phone is there are no good photos on it :-P

    P.S. sad to read about your photo losses. Bless.

    Good advice, Miz Boo.

  9. Amy J in WI10:37 AM

    This is my summer project. I was storing pictures for the last few years on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, last week when I went to transfer more pictures to it, it was dead. The techs have managed to recover what was on there, but no more external hard drive for me. I print the best ones and then store everything in two places....Microsoft OneDrive (cloud) and just a flash drive. Hopefully, I will manage to keep some memories this way!

  10. So sad about your lost pics.

    I am in love with the fireworks pic. It is gorgeous!! I would love it as a print. Time to set up shop?? :)

  11. Cyndi K G8:36 AM

    Barack up your computer regularly as well! Mine died earlier this year and I wasn't willing to pay the amount quoted to have everything restored. When I realized how much I lost it was too late!

  12. Anonymous1:08 PM

    My reader somehow stopped bringing me your posts, so I am a little late to this one, but I wanted to say I recently started using the Google photos app. It automatically backs up your phone pictures to your google account. Free, unlimited storage of pictures smaller than 16gb resolution (my iphone camera is 8gb). It reduces the file size of bigger pictures, but to a still perfectly acceptable size for most uses. I am working on uploading all the pictures I have saved on my computer and hard drives as well. It's nice to have them all in one place instead of between two laptops and a hard drive and various thumb drives.

    Anyway, just a tip :)


  13. I had a scare recently with an external drive (turns out it was unplugged) but then I discovered Flickr has an automatic uploader. If you're a "Pro" on Flickr there's unlimited storage, and you can set the auto-uploader so only you can see those uploads, then you can choose what the public can see. It's set up on our desktop, but I would think there would be an app you could get for your phone to do the same thing.


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