Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is it Friday yet?

Katie has not felt well all week.  Every day we grapple with should she go to school?
What will she miss?  Missing volleyball...missing a funeral...missing important classes...missing, missing, missing....
Tonight is the final volleyball tournament of the year.  I made Katie go to school.

She asked to go to the Dr. office yesterday. We went.  Doc says it's a cold.

Personally...I have a feeling we will have to go back three times...and then we will be told it's mono.

Remember last year we went three times before they said....pneumonia?

I asked her if the Dr. checked her lymph nodes.  Nope.
This morning Katie said she felt something sore when she applied deodorant.

Why didn't the Dr. check her lymph nodes?


Don't you remember that being the first thing they would check?
Neck, Chest, Back.

Do I have to do everything?

So...I hope she can tough it out today and be well enough to play....
all the while infecting every one she meets.

*eye roll*

Life is stressful, isn't it?

Say a little prayer for my baby.  Thanks.


It's Melinda's birthday today!


I know the last month has been a nightmare....
I hope today you can take a breath and celebrate just a little bit.

Love you.  Mean it.


Carol Sue is continuing to recover.  Each day they attempt something new; Like sitting in a chair or trying to speak with trach.  It is all very challenging.  But she is young and has the sweetest spirit and lots to live well for.  I'm praying for courage and strength and peace as she tries new things.



Counting blessings in the midst of it all.
Donna Elsie


  1. Happy Birthday to Melinda . Wishing her 40 winks.
    Happy last volley to Katie. She has had a great busy school year so far.
    Yes it seems when they miss a day of high school they miss so much and not just class.

  2. Amy J in WI1:04 PM

    Praying for healing for Katie. Poor thing! And happy birthday to Melinda. Juggling it all has to be so hard. Perhaps a few hours alone would be the best birthday gift!

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    We said prayers for Melinda, Matthew, the boys and Carol Sue this morning and prayed for Katie with school and volleyball. We will pray for her health, too.....and for the doctor to take more time next appt. I have such a dedicated doctor, but she is retiring at the end of the year. It is hard to find ones that are willing and able to dig down and find out what the problem is and stay on schedule. At the service where we go, they keep a chart out front to let you know which doctors are on time and which ones are running late. I have such respect for those in the medical field. I could not do it. However, when it is your baby....that doctor needs to be more thorough.

    Happy Birthday Melinda!!!
    love and prayers, jep

  4. Prayers for Katie to feel better soon, for healing and comfort for Carol Sue and for Melinda to have a nice birthday -- in spite of how crazy and scary her life has been lately. What gorgeous pictures of her and her young family! They must know a photographer who makes them feel comfortable and right at home. :)

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I sure hope Katie gets well soon. Happy birthday to Melinda and continued prayers for her mom. Love, Sue McFarland

  6. Happy Birthday, Melinda! Prayers for Katie to feel better soon. And prayers for Carol Sue to continue to heal.

  7. My middle girl was sick last week. You could see her swollen glands in her neck, her puffy face. She complained of sore swollen glands under her arms, too. She finally went to the doctor, who told her until she was sick 10 days (or having green discharge or spotty throat, sorry for that dear comment readers) the assumption is that it's a virus (cold) and no treatment is given other than rest and fluids. She was mad about that, and then kind of mad at the fact she did in fact get better about 7 days after she started to feel sick. The "non-specific viral infection" is the worst thing to have - too sick to feel good, but not sick enough to get sympathy. Except from us! Poor Katie. Feel better soon.


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