Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Bowl ads. My faves.

Of course I would love this "Portrait" commercial.
Beautiful images Jeep.
I cried a little.

Sheep + Queen = Yes!

While this one is too sad...
I liked the music and the happy ending.

What do you think?

I liked the half time very much.
I liked all the bright colors and love Coldplay.
Bruno and Beyonce were fun additions.

I have nothing critical to say about that!  Too bad everyone else is so judgmental.
And I liked Lady Gaga's Star Spangled Banner.
I thought she felt it and that was kind of different.
Good job everyone.

Encourage one another,


  1. Great choices, Donna. I enjoyed those very much. Those sheep are perfect. And the eyes in those portraits? Wow!!

    I predict that there will be more and more stories in commercials with the theme of aging like in the Audi commercial(and I'm not talking Viagra...good grief!). I love how sweet the son is, buying groceries, understanding how to reach in and find the hero who is still inside. That one is my favorite.

    Happy Wednesday, all!


  2. I somehow missed some of the commercials and I watched the whole thing!? I think I was in shock during the game maybe? Blacked out maybe? ;) The half time show wasn't too bad, although my 13yo did cover his eyes for Beyoncé's part.

  3. Cyndi K G7:56 PM

    I agree: I enjoyed the half time and I thought Lady Gaga was great!

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    LOVED the Honda/ Sheep absolute favorite. Thought Lady G. did America Proud! Karen F.

  5. Cried when they showed the troops in Afghanistan watching the game while Lady GaGa sang.

  6. Lady GaGa did an excellent job on our anthem ... she's a class act. Did NOT like the Halftime show ... Cold Play and the colors were great but Beyoncé and Bruno were a drag on an otherwise fun show. Not big fans of theirs anyway. LOVED a lot of the commercials and the Jeep one was my favorite ... the faces/eyes of those people ... also loved the Snickers one with William Defoe as Marilyn Monroe ... Snickers does a great job with those types of commercials. Difference in tastes is what makes our world go around .... Linda

  7. I liked the car commercial with the Dad stalking his was by far my favorite! I thought the half time show was fine, not amazing but good. And the Cowkids sure liked dancing along to it!


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