Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dancing with the Stars stunner.

Now that you have watched that....

The male dancer is Nyle DiMarco.  He is profoundly deaf.
He does not hear at all.

It makes me think about where dance comes from?
Many people who hear can not feel or move to the music.

So where does it come from?

Nyle says he just follows Peta.  Well.
Well done, Nyle!!


I really loved meeting and watching Superbowl MVP Von Miller and Whitney dance.

AS usual I thought I was going to hate the 'stars'....but I like many of them.

Len (the judge) was mean to Mischa Barton from the OC TV show.  She almost cried.
It's the first week...give them a break Len!


Hearing about the news from Brussels in the background as I type...
it's so crazy,
this world.

Mad world.

Be careful out there friends.
I am grateful that where I live, it is safe
I am grieve the loss of security and life in so many places
on this planet.

God bless them all.

 Encourage one another,


  1. Nyle makes me cry..... happy.

  2. I am going to watch this season if I can just so I can comment intelligently! : )

    The news of Brussels is devastating. I can't comprehend the way Isis thinks.

  3. And I am grieve. Good Donna. I grieve.

  4. Recorded but haven't seen last night's episode yet as it's spring musical week for director Greg -- his school is doing Mulan this year and last night was opening night. :) Look forward to watching as DWTS is one of my faves. Although I will miss the Houghs this season!

    Grieving and praying. So very sad and scary.

  5. My DVR is full of superhero movies and Marvel's Agents of Shield and boy stuff and, well you get the picture. The thing was too full to record DWTS last night. Thank you for sharing the videos. I will definitely be pulling for Nyle. Now to go find the story.

    Yes, so much craziness in this world. Trusting in the One who gives peace.

  6. Seeing the news early this morning was so sad. It is a mad, mad, crazy world. (Did you see Seal sing that song the other night Live on FOX?) Thank goodness we have the Lord and there is a Hope and a Future. We are watching Dancing right now on Demand since we were all working last night or doing school work. My girls are looking forward to seeing the deaf dancer. They said he won the America's Next Top Model show. Keep the faith, ladies.

    1. Anonymous10:20 PM

      Thank you for that word, Robin. Yes, ladies, keep the faith. It is the only thing that can give us true peace in this world.

      Debbie Z.

  7. Thanks for these clips, Donna. I am amazed by the deaf fellow, Nyle. That's incredible!

    I am grieving with you, with Brussels. I was there for a long weekend in 2007; my husband worked there Mondays through Thursdays for a long stretch in 2006 and first part of 2007. It's a wonderful place.

    I'm grateful for faith and the assurance that God is with us, at all times, no matter how stormy life gets.

  8. I was so shocked at how good the line up was with DWTS this time. Fireman is a Ginger Z fan. I loved Nile.
    Doug Flutie lived a block from us for a while. Oh my. He's not good!

    I corrected my post. Fireman says Timms Hill is the highest point in Wisconsin. Off to check out Pewaukee listings. THanks Dear DONNA

  9. Loved the dancing clips. I need to set my DVR for this season. :) Dancing involves lots of counting so I'm sure she teaches him to count it out!

    Prayers for this world we live in....


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