Saturday, May 28, 2016

Taco Salad.

I posted a picture of my taco salad on Instagram the other day and was asked how I make it.
It's so nice and easy.
The only difficult thing is remembering to buy all the ingredients.

I use Iceberg lettuce and cut it with a big knife.  I like smallish pieces.
So I make fat shredded lettuce.

1 pound of ground beef.
1 packet Taco mix.
(follow directions on packet)

Shredded cheese.  I bought the Mexican mixture this time.

Tomatoes or Salsa.

Black Olives.

Avocado if they have a ripe one at the store....They did not have ripe avocado so I bought Wholly Guacamole.  It worked great.

Sour cream.

Tostitos or Fritos or Doritos. (As much as you like crumbled on top)
Sometimes the chips are crumbled up and almost a whole bag mixed in with the lettuce.
If you LOVE can try this.

Cilantro if you like.

Dressing if you like.

Dressing?  Yes.  I think this is how Nancy made it...I think it was French dressing.
I did not have any french dressing in the house but I did have Raspberry vinaigrette.
I squirted the dressing around the edges of the plate in case it was icky mixed with the meat...
but it was yummy.  You may like your salad dry.  But I like mine wet.  So I like the addition of a little dressing.


I layer my salad in the order that I have written the ingredients above.

You may add or delete anything you like.
Use that delicious green salsa from Trader Joes,  hot peppers, green onions, or how about some shredded carrots.

Would you like to know what Katie puts on her taco salad?

Layer one-Tostitos
Layer two-taco meat
Layer three-cheese
Layer four-Guacamole (1 teaspoon)

As you can see I forgot the olives and crumbled tostitos.
It's so delicious.  I have eaten this three times in the last three days.

Try it.
You'll like it!

With love,
The easy chef.


  1. The only thing I do differently is add beans (black or pinto or kidney beans.) Some in my family like purple onion, but I find it overwhelms the flavor too much. And our dressing choice for taco salad is Thousand Island, which sounds weird when I type it but is oh! so yummy. It is my comfort food! This is also my favorite thing to serve to a large crowd. It multiplies very well!

    Happy Saturday, Donna dear.


  2. I use an old taco salad recipe from an old church cookbook. But it was before the days cilantro got popular, and I love cilantro so I add it. It calls for french dressing but I use western, another item not popular (not invented?) in the days when the cookbook was published. Yours looks yummier because when everything is mixed together it looks a mess. A soggy reddish brown mess. I think I'll layer next time.

  3. It looks so scrumptious! A make your own Taco Salad Bar is my very favorite meal to feed guests, especially when I don't know the family's food preferences. I get all the ingredients in different bowls and let folks put on what they want. Like Di, I add beans...and maybe canned corn.

    You can't believe how much saliva is pooling in my mouth right now!

  4. I need this in my life! :)

  5. YUM! I could lick the screen, but I won't! Katie's freckles in your next post are adorable! Happy weekend!

  6. I could eat that every single day too. YUM!


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