Thursday, June 09, 2016


The sun was glowing and I asked Katie to take a break from studying and take a few pictures.
She had her final final today.  woo.
This summer she will be working part time at a local Mexican restaurant just down to road.
She will be taking health in get it out of the way in one month....and she will be playing lots of volleyball; Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

My job doesn't have any summer opportunities...but I guess that's okay.
I will be driving Miss Daisy.
Oh wait.
Miss Daisy drives herself.

Speaking of cars....
We share cars around here.  

Last week I went to Target and when I came out of the store the car would not start.
I had not left anything on, like the lights, so I was stumped as to why it would not start.

And let me tell you, there is nothing more bewildering to me than what to do when my car does not work.

Fortunately, Patrick answered his phone and was able to rescue me.

We went into Target and bought jumper cables and Patrick jumped my car.

This may seem like a small thing to some....
But to me, it was the world.

He told me not to turn the car off and to get to a shoppe to get a battery. 
(That was his guess...and he was right.)

So I did get to a garage...and I got a new battery in time to pick Katie up from school.

I realized NOW how totally and completely lost I'd be without a car.

Is there anything that makes you feel like a little child?
Because this sure made me feel so little and helpless.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

I love her pink lips in this picture.
Another thing to thank my hubby for...
my children did not get their beautiful lips for me!!

p.s.  I LOVED your poetic comments about summer!


  1. Such beautiful pictures of Katie! Yellow is such a happy color. :)

    My sympathy on the car trouble. My side view mirror cracked and fell off (!!!) when I was driving down the highway this winter. I was relatively freaked out by this and drove straight to the dealer's service center. Unfortunately, the person working there scolded me for showing up without an appointment and for not stopping to pick up the pieces of the mirror. It was not a fun feeling. :(

    Wishing you a wonderful summer! Hope Katie enjoys her job and all the v-ball!

  2. I remember getting my license and my dad looked at me only to say, "Cheryl, a car is a necessary evil." I was so curious as to what he meant, but on days when the battery dies, I do understand.
    Love you
    Mean it

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Tech stuff makes me feel helpless. My recent troubles with our cable company drove me crazy because I couldn't figure it out and Lucas wasn't here to help! FINALLY, I found someone at technical support who told me what was wrong and even though it means I have to buy a different piece of equipment, I am "happy" because at last I know what is wrong.

    Sandy C.

  4. Beautiful girl as always. My kids got their lips from their daddy, too.
    I've missed some posts. I'll have to go back and read now!

  5. Wait! Is Katie driving? What else have I missed?

  6. I hope you bought an Interstate. ;)

  7. Dogmom12:48 PM

    I just retired and moved to another state. I have an injured (chronic) right hand/wrist/arm because of work (32 years as a court reporter but the last two caused the injury) and no longer have the strength in that limb that I used to and am so frustrated that I have to ask for help moving things or unpacking things or even opening things that twist, and packing to move really was difficult. I live alone, and so sometimes that means waiting days before someone can help me. I have always been so independent and this really makes me feel like a child. But I am so grateful that I could retire and could move closer to family because I know many people who could not do any of those things if they needed to.

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    LOVE the Sunny Katie photo. Just beautiful.

    Debbie Z.

  9. I feel your car pain! I have lost count how many times something has happened to my car and I've had to call my husband to save me. And I'm thankful that he always does. Last summer I was riding my bike and my chain fell off. He drove over to where I was and fixed it in a jiffy - I struggled with the darn thing for 20 minutes before calling him. Then he followed me home to make sure it didn't come off again. I tell my kids that choosing the right life partner is half the battle…. and I'm sure you feel the same way.

  10. Each BOoshay is so lovely. YOU Donna you too

  11. I am the daughter of a mechanic (we had a family business repairing cars for 60+ years) so I am somewhat savvy when it comes to vehicles. I am the "caretaker" for my 90+ year old mom and lately she has had a number of physical challenges which required emergency room visits and hospital stays. I feel like a total IDIOT when it comes to medicine and understanding procedures and what needs to be done ... scares me that I am making the wrong decisions ... like a scared child. Wish I knew more about this area of life.


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