Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why I adore Prince Harry.

Because he is the life of the party.

Because having a baby sit on his lap is the most natural thing ever.

Because he always reminded me of Matthew.

And when he hugs....he really truly hugs.

He likes being the Spare to the Heir.

Because, unlike other royals, he is all about the  PDA!!

He is self-deprecating.

And even when he was a little Prince he had boo-boos...just like Malichi and Ezekiel.

He loves little ones.

And I bet he makes the Queen happy.

Prince Harry.
The People's Prince.



  1. Your post makes me very happy indeed! He's a sweetie, a little lamb, my nannie would say!

  2. Those boys are so much like their sweet mom, how proud she would be of them and how much they want to live up to her influence! She instilled such compassion and such dignity in them. And I love that Harry is still just a bit raucous!

  3. He seems so genuine. ❤️

  4. It is nice to see these kind souls :)

  5. I love Harry, too. Wouldn't it be fun to hang out with him? Thanks for all the wonderful pics.

  6. I SO agree with you---I like both young men---each has their own endearing qualities, but people seem to gravitate toward those who lite up the world. He is a darling, and I hope he finds a young lady who will compliment his personality and warmth.

  7. I like that you love the Royals so much. These photos are adorable.

  8. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I am trying a different computer and hope this will get through to the QLCS. Prince Harry is an original and he is a red head...what's not to love about him. love and prayers, jep

    1. JEP!!!!! Hello! It worked!!! I'm so happy!

  9. Loved seeing these photos!

  10. Love love love this post, these pics. Talk about a smile bringer :)

  11. I love this post too! Thanks for sharing something that reveals love, joy, and caring for others as the TRUE riches in life! And having a ginger myself, I've always loved Harry!

  12. I think the boys' mummy would be (and is) so very proud of them both!

  13. It's funny that he reminds you of your son because William is so like one of mine! Every single time I see a photo of him as a baby/toddler/child (including the one you posted above) I see my son. (Oddly enough, not as an adult though). They could be twins and they are close in age. I thought this back in the 1980's too.

  14. Well put. He is the Peoples Prince

  15. I looooooovvvveee Prince Harry. He is probably then only "celebrity" in the world that I love but I love him, like I know him, love him. It's kinda crazy.


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