Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letterpress love. Twin Ravens Press.

I have always loved my logo.  I think it is perfect and beautiful and cute and fabulous.

A wonderful letter artist named Crystal Kluge created my logo....and the talented Kristin Walker from Twin Ravens Press pressed it onto sturdy paper.  

Well...last month Kirstin got ahold of me to say she found a few of my pieces.  Did I want them? Free of charge?    I said, of course I do.  She sent them to me right away.  But in my busy-ness this past month I set them aside and did not get a chance to thank her....AND I wanted to tell you about her once again...all these years later.

Such gorgeous quality and fantastic customer service!
I highly recommend Twin Ravens Press for your letter pressing needs! 

Thank you Kirstin!


You might wonder if I have a photo business anymore...
I do very little.  Senior pictures mostly. 
I am a terrible business woman. If you were sitting next to me and said you needed pictures taken, I would not say, "Hey, I take pictures.  Here's my card." 

It was all too awkward for me.

So even thou I had the best business cards and logo around...haha...
I was happy to fade into the background.

Just for fun, here are some of my most recent seniors to graduate....

This is my niece, Sydney. She will be playing volleyball in college!
She is a very talented athlete.  

headshot for Katie's friend...he's going to film a movie this summer

I have taken pictures of this young man's older brother and sister.
One more to go....another darling red head.

Another cute red head.  

I attract red heads.  What can I say?
Too bad they are only 1% of the population!

Donna Boo

p.s. Is ahold not a word?  


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Such a great logo and wonderful senior pics!

    We attract redheads too. At one point in junior high, Cassie's three best friends were all redheads. Lucas married a beautiful redhead. I see little redheaded grandbabies in my future. :-D

    Sandy C.

  2. Janice2:31 PM

    Creative people often have a hard time offering their services to people....but look at it this not mentioning what you do THEY are missing out on the best Senior pic for themselves and their family. Your photos are a gift to them (not something to sell) and their parents for the rest of their lives. By not offering your gift they lose out (so sad).
    Maybe if you can think of it differently it won't feel like a sales pitch. xoxo
    I think of the pic of Spencer you took in a HOTEL ROOM when I type this because it is so sweet, you captured him at that age, and I cherish it.

  3. If we lived within driving distance I would hire you for my daughter's senior pictures next year. Sadly, I'm in Maryland. :(

    1. PS: She's a redhead. Are you heading our way?

  4. "Ahold" should be a word. You need a manager to do the advertising and billing and just leave you to create wonderful photos.
    Life is unbalanced—you have a surfeit of redheads and I have none. Not that I would change my golden and brown heads, I just wouldn't mind a sprinkling of copper here and there :)

  5. I'd make a good business manager for you. ;) Uhhhh, she's the best.....use her!!! <3

    Love you, mean it. :)

  6. Thank you for explaining about your photography, Donna. I agree with Janice, and have said similar things to my daughter. Your photography needn't be thought of as "selling/pushing"; rather your creative gift is a treasured gift to give others, and offering it isn't being boastful. My two cents!


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