Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where does happiness come from?

Wisconsin, of course :o)

If a man can't be happy on a little farm in Wisconsin, 

he doesn't have the makings of happiness in his soul. 

-Nick Engelbert (1881-1962), farmer-artist 

Donna Elsie

Prayer requests from Di and Stephanie.
Di's son Rex and Stephanie's dad Buzz are both having procedures tomorrow.
They would love prayers for their loved ones.
thank you so much


  1. Oh, thank you Donna! I knew about Stephanie's dad but nor Di's son. Plenty to pray about, it seems, doesn't it? And my dad would agree with the 'farm' statement but would change it to a little farm in Michigan:)
    I really, really have to figure out how not to be The Prude any more...

  2. Oh my, didn't know about Rex! Adding him to my list of things to pray about today(with eyes wide open ;) as I make my way South on I-5.

    God bless and protect Buzz and Rex!

    Sweet image of a darlin gal - your mom, yes?

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Prayers for both! Love the post.

    Sandy C.

  4. Already praying for Buzz and will gladly add Rex to the list! May God bless and protect them both.

    LOVE the pic of your mom, her braids and lambikin. xoxo

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Nick Engelbert, eh? A quick Google search intrigues me. He made a concrete arch for his front porch. Came from Austria. Died on his birthday (for some reason that always intrigues me; it seems neat and tidy). THANK YOU for introducing him!

    I love the layers in your mom's photo: girl with lamb, car, house, trees. But most of all her eyes. So compelling.

    Adding my prayers for Rex and Buzz to the garland.

    Carol in Oregon

  6. Just said a prayer for Di's son and Stephanie's dad.

  7. Sending thoughts and prayers <3

  8. I love this photo of a cow. So unique. I will pray right now, three days late, for both of the men. God bless them.


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