Sunday, November 20, 2016

A little bit of France on Spring St.

Saturday morning we headed out to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and ride the Staten Island Ferry.
We needed to go to a different Subway stop.
This one was in the opposite direction than the one we had walked to and from each time we left the apartment.  We walked toward Spring St.  
When we got our corner we looked around to try to find a place for breakfast.
I asked a woman at the stop light if she knew of anything nearby.
She was just walking a friend's dog...and had to think a little bit about it....but then she said, "the cronut bakery is just down the street."  


Yes.  Of course I want to go there!!!

We found it easily.  Just two blocks down.
Right there. 
A perfect french bakery.

I got a cronut.  I didn't know it would come in a special box.
How about this packaging?
What words to use for this packaging?

c'est magnifique

We waited in line.
A little while.  Nothing terrible.

Emma chose a ham and cheese croissant.

The cronut of the month was maple pecan salted sugar.
It was absolutely delicious.  
It was remarkable.
It was fantastic.

We were lucky to find a little spot to sit.

Sitting is important to me.

I also ordered an almond croissant.
Flakey. Almondy. Perfection.
I have not had such a perfect croissant since we were in Paris.

Go here.
It was my favorite place to eat in New York.
This and the bagels.

But I think Dominique Ansel's bakery was exquisite....
my favorite.

189 Spring St.
New York, New York

Then we subwayed our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.
It was a beautiful day as you can see.
There is a walkway down the middle and the cars travel below the walkers on the right and left.

We took a picture of a stranger and he offered to take our picture too.
Guess he didn't notice the cable shadow going across my face.
Oh dear.  
What cha gonna do?  I am sure he was transfixed by my amazing style.
He did however make it look like we were the only people on the bridge.
That's magic!

Next up.
Staten Island Ferry.
The free way to see the Statue of Liberty.



  1. Amy J in WI6:33 PM

    Cronuts, the Brooklyn Bridge and lots of sunshine. What could be better?!

  2. "Sitting is important to me." True words that I will adopt. So glad you found your gem of a place to eat because of the kindness of a stranger.

  3. Love this, every bit of it, except the shadow.

    Say Lavee!

  4. I'm loving these pictures and stories of your amazing trip! <3

  5. The shadow makes you look rather mysterious... ;)

    Keep the pics and the stories coming, please!

  6. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Those pastries look SO good. The Brooklyn Bridge is amazing with all those cables. Is it possible to photoshop that shadow off your face?- it is such a really great picture of you and Emma, you both look so happy. I agree with Mary, keep the stories coming!

    Debbie Z.

  7. Cronuts. I never knew they existed. Ah, they look magnificent!!

    Donna, you infuse your photos with magic. They are magical.

    Thanks for adding to the beauty of my day.

    I've wanted to go to NYC for a long while. Curt thinks it is the last place on earth he would choose to visit. I just need to go sometime. I have a standing invitation from friends who live there.

    These photos. So lovely.

    You da best!!

  8. Oh Carol! Go!
    Imagine the bookstores!!!


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