Saturday, August 25, 2018

Call me Chance.

And now for the audio visual update at Quiet Life blog.

To save money we have disconnected our Charter Cable and have signed up for Hulu.
With Hulu we can watch almost all the channels.
Since we have Amazon Prime we have a firestick we can watch movies and shows thru that service too.
We can record with Hulu.  So that is still good.

However.  Since I am not using my Tivo anymore....which is saving money too....
I have to watch so many commercials that I want to die.

And Hulu does not get the Hallmark channel.  And I watched every single Hallmark movie that was released.

I am therefore searching for things to watch to replace my beloved Hallmark.

The best things I have found are a TV show called Younger and two cooking shows; Baked in Vermont with Gesine Bullock-Prado and Girl Meets Farm with Molly Yeh.

Molly Yeh.  
She's adorable.

This is Gesine.  She is Sandra Bullock's sister.  
You will like her too!

Oh!  I watched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society movie too!
I highly recommend it.
It's better than the book in my opinion.  The writing fell apart in the book at the end and this is not an issue in the movie (obviously ;o)

Anything new and worth watching out there?
Let me know!



  1. Donna,
    You can subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now. There are two subscription options for Hallmark Movies Now. The best value is an annual subscription for $4.99/month (billed annually at $59.99). There is also a monthly option available for $5.99/month. Both options provide you with unlimited streaming of our full library of commercial-free content, and don’t forget, new content is added all the time!You don't need to be using cable to access it.

  2. Hi Donna,
    Netflix also has a surprising number of Hallmark TV shows and Hallmark-like movies. I was really surprised to see this when I searched for Christmas movies.


  3. Younger is so good!!! Have you watched Good Girl Revolt on Amazon? It was an excellent show and I am so disappointed it wasn't renewed. Great cast, great stories.

  4. We love Hulu! But I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, so my show choices probably aren't in your same genre, lol. But just wanted to comment about how affordable it is, I wish we would have found it sooner.

  5. I absolutely adored Guernsey! Such a sweet and lovely movie.

    We got rid of cable/satellite years ago and no one seems to miss it. I don't think my kids really remember having it. I have learned to really appreciate being able to watch a series from start to finish without having to wait for the next week or for summer to be over for the next season. :)

  6. We got rid of our cable as well, and seem to be OK! Currently, I'm obsessed with 'Magic for Humans' on Netflix. Totally obsessed with this show!

  7. Anonymous10:24 AM

    We love our Netflix-Amazon streaming-roku life. It has been all that we need. I wait a year to watch SOME seasons of series I adore [although Madam Secretary might just cost me this year, because I don't know if I can wait and our Antenna picks up ZERO stations consistently]. Guernsey was wonderful, although I had just the previous day completed another Downton watch-through so I had a hard time seeing past Henry Talbot and Lady Rose for the first little while. And Sybil! And Cousin Violet! :)

    [It helps that my Dad has a DISH account- and he is not a 'log in elsewhere' kind of guy, so we can use his login for things like the Food Network and HGTV. #Bonus]

    Love you. Mean it.

  8. I loved the Potato Peel movie...first of all I'm a sucker for period pieces and I love the lead actor! I've seen him on something else but I can't remember where!

  9. Do you like This is Us? I have to watch the second season still. I barely ever get to watch the TV. Gary always has the remote. He likes sports. He also watches The Cosby Show. When he falls asleep at 10:30 after the news I usually turn on the Real Housewives. I am classy like that. ; )


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