Friday, August 17, 2018

Favorite Thing.

This is my new favorite thing!!!
You know, besides Dottie.

I have watched two new cooking shows this summer.
Baked in Vermont and Girl Meets Farm.

I enjoyed both shows very much! Watch them if you can find them.

Molly Yeh (Girl Meets Farm) makes her own Everything Bagel topping!  And I never thought of this but I really love Everything Bagels and I was about to try to make my own when I heard Trader Joe's carried their own Everything but the Bagel topping.  

So off I went to Trader Joe's.

It's wonderful!!!  I put it on my daily bagel.  
Like this

big shake of Everything but the Bagel
cream cheese

in that order.

I didn't think I could love my morning bagel more!

Try it!
You'll like it!

The Easy Chef,
Miz Boo


  1. Yes!!! I love EBTB seasoning. I shake it on chicken breasts and cook them in the oven. Yumola.

    1. Of only I could make a tender chicken breast in the oven. Every time. Tuff.
      I put EBTB on my corn on the cob last night.

  2. Donna, I am a sous vide convert. It is the ONLY way I will cook a skinless boneless chicken breast. The texture and flavor is unreal!
    I eat chicken everyday on my weight loss plan and this is now the only way to prepare them!

  3. Molly and I love that!! Great on veggies!! :)

  4. I have wanted to try this for so long. I am too lazy to drive to the one Trader Joe’s is town to buy this. New level of lazy.


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