Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.


where you invest your love
you invest your life

~mumford and sons

Six years ago we went to Dixon Illinois and saw this amazing band in person.
It was beautiful and wonderful.

Now six years later the words to this song
speak to me in a whole different way.
(I'm not the best at listening to words in songs.
I can hear a song one thousand times and still not be able to sing along.)

But this line

Where you invest your love
you invest your life

I'm working on this one.
The nearly empty nest has me feeling purposeless.

I am still here.

Encourage one another,


  1. You know what? That's what your blog readers need to hear about, too. I've followed along with you for years and I bet a few of us are at that point.

  2. Keep talking to us, Miz Boo. We're here.

    Empty nest can lead to reinventing yourself. Or rediscovering things layed aside for sake the needs family.

    (BTW, thanks for clip)

    Hugs xx

  3. "... layed aside for the sake of the needs of the family" I shouldn't type before coffee :-p

  4. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Left our youngest at college yesterday, and am now adrift. What do I do with all th time and space now that both boys are in school?

  5. Thank for sharing, Donna. In the same boat drifting around wondering what the Lord wants me to do now.

  6. Love your blog. I think we all wonder this, or if not then we should. Hope you will take us along as you figure it out!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful comments. We can and will figure this out :o)

  8. I spent my first year after my youngest graduated high school thinking "Last year at this time..." I wouldn't say it was a waste of that year. It helped get me through, but I'm glad I didn't stay there. Go out for coffee with friends old and new (or really old, in my case). And it sure would be nice to see more of your photography. So lovely to see the world through your eyes.

  9. I love Anita's idea of seeing more of your photography. You have a gift of seeing the beauty in the everyday, and I really believe the world needs more of that to press against the rising tide of harsh and spew. Your gift of writing, photography, thinking, remembering, and focusing on the Real Things is much needed, Donna. I am so happy to see your posts. Love you.

  10. Sending love your way. It’s a hard adjustment for sure. xo


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