Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Always Get Up

I'm sorry I haven't written since November.  We are well.
Nothing out of the ordinary going on.

Thanksgiving was small. No children were able to come home.
Christmas was quiet.  Emma and James came to visit.

Shelby and Dottie went to Omaha after Christmas so Katie and I jumped in the car and drove over there to see Matthew, Melinda and their boys and to see Shelby and Dottie.

We saved on shipping.  :o)

I couldn't decide on a picture for my Christmas card so I didn't send one.
I made six or seven samples and could not make a decision.

I have been working with an elderly woman weekly.
She is very sweet.  Her husband goes to meet friends for lunch and I keep her company.
She misses her husband terribly and I try to make the time go by quickly for her.
I like this "job" a lot, it is difficult but I love being able to help.

I really do like being helpful.

I worked a special ed job for a week and loved it.
Anything I can do to help....I love.

I am not taking many outside recess jobs.... Only very short schools with 'law and order'.

I saw this little video on Will Smith's Instagram and I could relate.

Somebody asked me the other day How did I define Love? I didn’t have a good answer. I thought about it a little... Here’s my first attempt. :-)  

Here are some new pictures of the grandbabies

This reminds me of a 1950's baby photo.  I think there is a picture of my hubby that looks like this....same pose that's for sure.

She is perfection

Smiling at mommy.

Good shot of her teeth. 

I've honestly never seen little boys love a baby as much as these guys!
They were tender and adoring.  

Dottie, 7 mo old.

Katie and I visited Emma and James and Lorelei in Columbia in November.

Pretty kneelers in a old church in Fulton Mo.

Happy Lorelei

Part of the family at part of the Berlin Wall.

Winston Churchill museum.

Some thoughts for the new year.....

I will try to post more often.
Thank you for reading and asking how we are!

Love you. Mean it.
Donna Elsie


  1. I came. I read. I am leaving happy and refreshed. Love you too Donna. You have made a difference in more lives than you can know. (I am always embarrassed by how mushily sentimental I get when I make comments. So I'm exiting before I delete this because I mean it all.)

    1. Thank you sweet, mushy friend. My favorite kind. Mean it.

  2. So happy to come on and check and see a nice fun update again. I enjoy your blog. your grandchildren are so cute and your littlest granddaughter is Absolutley adorable! Happy New Year! Wendy

  3. Amy J in WI5:27 PM

    Thanks for the update - I love hearing about what is happening in your life. Your grandkids are so adorable and they are fortunate to have your pictures!

  4. Love your blog. It's like receiving a daisy. Cheerful, unexpected but so welcome. Grandkiddies are adorable. I've just spent a week with mine and am now sick with a bad cold - the price Grammies seem to pay for joyful times!

  5. Love you (and this post and this community). Mean it.

  6. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Hello. I’ve seen the Will Smith definition of love and pretty much thought all he had to say was on task. Now let’s go and do!!!
    I’m a bit behind: not being rude just asking for clarification: does your one son now have three boys and a girl? She’s adorable: they all are. They have their mothers bright eyes.
    Do James and Emma have a daughter?
    Does your son in California and his wife have a baby girl? Is that the baby with the three boys? And therefore, does that son with the sparkly eyed wife have three boys only and are the boys holding their baby cousin? ��
    God bless you. Go forth and conquer!!!
    Best regards- Jamie

    1. Little girl, Dottie belongs to Patrick and Shelby.
      Lorelei is James' daughter.
      Feel free to read past posts..... hahaha... its all there :)

  7. Thanks for the update, I check almost every day! Beautiful!

    1. I'm glad to know that Kim! I love following you on Facebook and Insta!

    2. I check every day as well. The last week has made me so happy!!

  8. What Anita said, and all those who responded before me. Love you more than words.

  9. I began blogging again after a long hiatus. I think instagram ruined me since it's just so easy to post a photo and type those few words.
    Anyway, I'm glad to see you back in blogland. Also, those pictures of Dottie are quite possibly the most adorable I've ever seen. Enter her in the Gerber baby contest...if they still have that.

    1. She is a gerber baby, isn't she? :)

  10. Wonderful update, Donna. I always enjoy stopping by here and reading. Your grandkids are precious. Several years ago, I sat with an elderly lady so her husband could go out a couple days a week. Like you, I enjoyed helping. Hmmm...maybe it's time to search out something like this again. 😊


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